My Motherland – APCS – is terminally ill

If you go to any topical ICS forum or group, you will unfortunately not find discussions of standards, DCS architecture, best practices for ISA101, ISA88, ISA95. (There is a great article on this topic).

What to do?

In my opinion, a large-scale popularization of IOT equipment is necessary – there should be as many open GNU / Linux IOT solutions as possible that can solve automation problems.

  • Over time, this will phase out obsolete IEC PLCs.

  • APCS developers will be able to develop and debug software using modern programming languages ​​and IDEs.

  • IT specialists will remain in the field, which means that real standards and quality will inevitably appear.

  • Companies will be able to change the economic model, which will allow them to pay decent wages to Engineers and Programmers of industrial control systems.

If you are an engineering company and you have resources, start developing IOT solutions for process control systems!

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