review of the best platforms for communication and exchange of experience

The Streamer Forum is a place where streamers and viewers discuss various aspects of streaming, share their experience, knowledge and recommendations. Whether you’re an experienced streamer or just getting started in the streaming world, the forums can be a useful source of information and contacts. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best platforms for streamer forums.


Reddit offers various sub-forums (subreddits) related to streaming, such as r/Twitch, r/YouTubeGaming, r/Mixer and others. These subreddits serve as streamer forums where members can ask questions, share experiences, and discuss news and trends. Reddit has a huge user base and a wide range of topics.

Twitch Community Forums: Official Twitch Streamer Forum

Twitch Community Forums is the official streamer forum on the Twitch platform. Here you will find many topics related to various aspects of streaming, including equipment setup, channel monetization, promotion, and many others. The Twitch Streamer Forum has an active community and a wealth of helpful resources.

OBS Forums: A streamer forum for OBS users

OBS Forums is a streamer forum dedicated to discussing Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) streaming software. Here you can find guides on how to set up and use OBS, as well as ask questions and discuss issues related to this popular streaming tool. The OBS Streamer Forum is a great place to get technical support and share experiences with other OBS streamers.

Streamer forum on Restream: multifunctional forum for streamers

Streamer forum on Restream is the place for users of Restream, a service that allows you to stream simultaneously on multiple platforms. The Restream forum offers discussions on topics related to multicasting, cross-platform integration, and using additional Restream tools. The Restream community includes streamers from different platforms, which makes the forum more diverse and informative.

StreamElements Community: A forum for streamers with a focus on StreamElements

StreamElements Community Forum – designed for users of the StreamElements service, which offers tools for streaming and channel monetization. Here, streamers can discuss various aspects of using the StreamElements tools, as well as ask questions and get help from the community and company employees.

Elgato Gaming Forums: A streamer forum for users of Elgato hardware and software

Elgato Gaming Forums is a streamer forum aimed at users of Elgato hardware and software. Here streamers can discuss various aspects of using Elgato products such as video capture, lighting, green screen and more. The Elgato Gaming Forum is also a place to share experiences and get technical support from the community and employees of the company.

Streamer forum on StreamHub

streamhub is a forum dedicated to streamers of all levels. Here you can discuss the technical aspects of streaming, marketing, audience and monetization, as well as exchange experiences and find support in the community.

Streamers Guild on StreamGuild

StreamGuild provides a forum for streamers across genres and platforms to connect, share experiences, and get advice on technical, marketing, and monetization issues.


good game is a popular forum for gamers and streamers to discuss various aspects of streaming such as hardware, software and monetization.

Bandits clan

Forum Bandits clan offers a section for aspiring streamers and vloggers to find tips, tricks and support from the community.

WoW Circle Project Forum

Project Forum WoW Circle contains a “Streamer Info” section that discusses streams related to World of Warcraft.

Forum World of Ships

Forum World of ships offers a section dedicated to streaming, where members can ask questions and discuss various aspects of streaming related to the game World of Warships.

Melcosoft Games

Forum Melcosoft Games contains a section for streamers that discusses issues related to games and streams provided by the community. is a social engineering forum that also contains topics related to streamers and streaming.


Forum Destarion offers a section dedicated to development assistance for new streamers. Here, members can share experiences, get advice and support from the community on various aspects of streaming, including technical issues, marketing and monetization.

These forums are a variety of platforms for communication and exchange of experience between streamers of different levels. They will help you find support, resolve issues, and improve your streaming skills.

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