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Quest Software – A well-known vendor in the market of information security systems (Change Auditor, InTrust, Enterprise Reporter), audit and restoration of Microsoft Office365 or Azure cloud environments (On Demand License Management, On Demand Audit, etc.), monitoring (Foglight, Spotlight) , database replication (Shareplex), announces the launch of a special program, within which you can try the above tools (and not only them) in your environment for a long time.

Hals Software, as a partner of Quest, Merlion, as a distributor of Quest, will conduct pilot projects for you and will be ready to talk about effective approaches to using vendor products. This is the best time to conduct a test drive for a long time and evaluate the reliability and effectiveness of the proposed tools.

Under the cutter, a description of some of the proposed solutions with real cases and a link to register in the program.

To register in the program, leave your details in this feedback form. Indicate the products you would like to try. We will contact you, tell you the details and inform you about further steps. A complete list of solutions is on the site. Quest. Not all of them fall under the program, please specify individually.

The first block of decisions that we’ll talk about is Microsoft platform management and information security tools.



Inrust – The flagship Quest solution, which allows you to collect unstructured data from various sources of information and store them effectively on the file system. The key feature of the solution is the predefined rules for detecting anomalies and ready-made reactions to them. We have already talked about the types of events in the Windows system log of workstations that it is desirable to monitor and respond to. You can also read about detecting an encryptor virus attack using InTrust.

Change auditor


Change auditor – A tool for the operational audit of changes in the Microsoft environment and on disk arrays. Some of our customers in the era of using Power Shell scripts for auditing, such as AD, were extremely dependent on one single person – the Windows administrator. This dependency is the main problem that Change Auditor solves.

Another feature of the tool that must be mentioned here is Change Auditor audits changes based on internal calls of the Windows system. According to the vendor, this method detects changes even in deeply nested groups and brings less load than when recording and extracting logs. And another feature is the ability to block the actions of domain superusers.

Enterprise reporter


Quest Enterprise Reporter is an access control and security reporting tool for the Microsoft environment. Teams, of course, is also supported. Several identified potential vulnerabilities during pilots and projects following the results of the product introduction:

  • In one retail company, we found users who did not change their passwords for 2 or more years (no, the policy for the validity period was configured there, but not for everyone). It turned out that now no one knows why those users need such privileges.
  • In one of the TOP-100 banks there was a case of unblocked non-personalized user accounts of remote users who were once in car dealerships and issued loans. The bank closed this area as early as two years, but active accounts remained.
  • In a trading company, unwanted guest users were detected in some Microsoft Teams groups.
  • In another small bank there was a case with nested AD groups, in which users with administrative rights in the domain have not been identified for years.

If after these cases you don’t have a snag, then we don’t know how else you can hint that regular reporting is a thousand times must have.

The next block of decisions is audit and recovery of Microsoft cloud environments. Below is a description of some of these tools.

On Demand License Management


AT this tool Convenient reports on the use of O365 licenses and their management. On dashboards, underused licenses or, on the contrary, their shortage will be instantly visible.

On Demand Group Management


Key feature solutions – the ability to automatically validate the created groups and impose restrictions if they do not comply with the specified policies.

Quest On Demand Recovery


Tool for backup and recovery of Azure AD and Office 365. Performs a detailed search and recovery of exactly what you need – even individual attributes of one or more users, groups and group memberships without the need for PowerShell scripts.

Move on to monitoring solutions. This block includes Foglight and Spotlight.



The extended trial program includes Foglight database monitoring solutions for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, SAP ASE, MongoDB and Cassandra. Foglight supports monitoring of listed databases from a single interface.

We already wrote several times on Habré about Foglight for Databases and we will provide links here:

  • Interfaces for monitoring the performance of popular databases in Foglight for Databases
  • Quickly localize Microsoft SQL Server performance issues in Quest Foglight
  • How not to turn into a dragonfly if you have many different databases

To monitor SQL Server and Oracle, deep monitoring of executed SQL queries and their analytics in various sections is supported.


Spotlight – A tool for monitoring the DBMS Oracle and SQL Server, which can give tips on improving each metric highlighted in red. Spotlight also automatically determines the appropriate level of performance for each instance, and then sets thresholds. Similar settings can also be made manually. Spotlight can also graphically display the contents of Oracle Trace Log files to view the details of processing SQL queries and utilizing resources to fulfill these queries.

For Spotlight, a mobile application has been developed in which you can view the health of databases. Installation takes about 10 minutes.

Now we can go to replication. The program involves Shareplex, which we will now briefly talk about.



SharePlex Avoids the acquisition of additional updates, add-ons, and management packs through our own complete set of replication tools. If you use Oracle to replicate data, the price will be lower compared to Oracle’s own tools. Popular migration cases from Enterprise versions to Standard and from the local environment to the cloud, but Shareplex supports a wide range of migration options.

We talked only about some of the Quest Software solutions that are included in the program. Specify the full list through feedback form or contact us in other ways. We thank you for your attention!

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