Snom D717 IP Phone Review

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Today we will tell you about the next device from Snom’s rich lineup, the Snom D717 IP phone.
Like the older models of this line, this phone has a very interesting appearance and unique technical features that we invite you to get to know. We wish you a pleasant reading.


Unpacking and packaging

First, consider the box of the telephone and its contents. The phone box carries information about its model, serial number and software version installed by default.


It contains:

  • Telephone set
  • Quick start guide. The manual contains information on connecting, using the basic functionality and initial configuration in two languages ​​- Russian and English
  • Stand
  • Category 5E Ethernet Cable
  • A tube
  • Twisted cord
  • Warranty card confirming 3 years of warranty on the telephone


The design of the phone is concise and even, perhaps, somewhat strict. The plastic of the case is high-quality and pleasant to the touch, the surface of the case is slightly rough, and practically does not retain traces of touch, this plastic can not be called easily. Already familiar to us from older models, the navigation keys gleam a little with metallic parts, responding with distinct feedback to the click. An MWI indicator is located in the upper corner of the right corner of the case, rounding off the case of the device and succinctly fitting into the overall image.


To the left under the screen is an unusual sensor for the user of IP phones. If the Snom D735 used a proximity sensor that changed the information displayed on the screen, then this phone has a light sensor that controls the backlight.
The screen of this phone, though not as large as on older models, but provides a bright and clear picture without problem-readable labels. The menu style is concise and simple, apart from the inscriptions that display the status of the account (they are highlighted in green), the on-screen menu is made in white, dark gray and blue. Blue color is used very appropriately and is easy to read due to the general contrast with white.
Speaking of flowers. Naturally, like the models we described earlier, the D717 has two body colors. Black used in the review, the color is a classic for office telephones. It goes well with any color of walls and office equipment and is used everywhere.


The second color scheme is white. In addition to the obvious scenario of use in medical institutions, it can advantageously emphasize your presence in your approach to creating a creative working atmosphere and attract the attention of customers, for example, to your reception.
The phone’s dialer keys are large and comfortable – you won’t be able to miss the desired one even if you wish. The remaining buttons are slightly smaller, but still pressing them is clear and understandable, the distance between the keys is quite impressive, and this, despite the compact size of the phone itself. The phone also has BLF keys, three pieces to the right of the display. In the case of the D717, there is no “page”, and the keys can be used to select lines or monitor a pair of the most frequently used numbers.
As mentioned earlier, the Snom D717 is miniature, the case width is only 18.5 cm, it is more compact than many competitors. On the right side of the case, at the level of the navigation keys, there is a USB port. A USB headset, flash drive, DECT dongle A230, Wi-Fi module A210, as well as the D7 expansion panel are connected to this port. The USB port is located very conveniently, nothing prevents access to it, it is always at your fingertips.


The remaining connectors are on the back of the phone. There are Gigabit-Ethernet network connectors, handset and headset ports, a microlift / EHS connector, and a power adapter connector. On both sides of the niche with connectors are the stand mounts. The D717 stand is similar to the D785 and D735 phone stands, it is monolithic and allows you to provide an angle of 28 or 46 degrees, depending on which side will be fixed on the phone. Speaking about the location of the phone, it is worth saying that sometimes it becomes necessary to use a wall mount. The holes for it are already on the back of the device, you just have to prepare the mounts on the wall itself.

Software and setup

A few words about the setup, since it is simple and does not raise questions in the process, you will not tell many words about it.
All the necessary keys to control the device are already on the phone itself, the on-screen menu is concise, and the icons hinting at the direction of a particular submenu make navigation completely intuitive.


The web interface is clear and ascetic, made in the two-color version in the original, it can be completely changed and processed by you according to your own preferences, since it is based on the XML language. You can change the icons, the colors of the inscriptions and the interface itself, fully customizing it for your own needs and the needs of your employees.

Functionality and operation

The story of the operation will begin with the sound of the device. Our company has equipped its own sound laboratory, this allows us to create really high-quality and sonorous devices, and you can hear the interlocutor as if he is next to you.


Snom D717 is no exception in this regard. Acoustically, it is in no way inferior to the older models of the line and boasts both good speakers and moderately sensitive microphones, all this has been tested by us and sounds really nice. Switching from a conversation through the handset to the speakerphone is simple – just press the appropriate key and lower the handset on the bed. By the way, at the same time, you will not feel the measure of familiar springiness, since the D717 does not have a release tab. The rebound in this device is electronic, much more reliable than mechanical.


Let’s move our view to the display. It is color and moderately bright, and the backlight is automatically adjusted. The backlight sensor mentioned above is responsible for adjusting the backlight. Being slightly lower and to the left of the screen, the sensor, depending on the lighting of the phone, will muffle slightly or, on the contrary, brighten the backlight of the phone display. I am sure that in office conditions many people will appreciate this functionality – no matter how dense the blinds are, the sun will still break through them at a certain time, and this unit in this case will independently increase the brightness of the backlight, which will allow the user to continue his work calmly and unhindered.


To the right of the display are 3 BLF keys. One of them, the lower one, with the default settings, is programmed to enable the Quiet mode. What it is? In this mode, the device will not make sounds when making a call, and you can work in silence, however, calls will be displayed on the screen, so you won’t miss anything important. Pressing this key when a call has already arrived will disable the ringtone only for this call.


A small number of BLF keys is not a hindrance to the functionality, because in addition to them you can configure the sub-screen, navigation and other function keys of the phone, in total there are 19 custom keys, 3 of which are BLF. Not bad for a compact phone. But if this is not enough, you can recall the expansion panels that also work with this unit.


Speaking of them. Up to 3 D7 expansion modules can be connected to the Snom D717. Each of these panels has 18 keys for customization, and with these panels all the needs of the owner of the device will be completely closed.


Wireless modules that work with the previously reviewed Snom models also work with this telephone. We just need to recall that the Snom A230 is a DECT dongle and it serves to connect DECT headsets and an external Snom C52 SP speaker. Snom phones already have good sound, and along with an external speaker, you can use the Snom D717 even to equip small meeting rooms.
Snom A210 – WiFi adapter. It works with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks, which allows you to easily connect it to any existing enterprise Wi-Fi network.


Snom D717 is a bit simpler than its older brothers in terms of functionality and technical equipment, it is more suitable for ordinary employees or managers who need good sound quality and an easy-to-use telephone, but do not need a large number of keys on the telephone. It performs its functions of a corporate telephone in its entirety, and you won’t regret that you chose it.

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