Manager’s pain. We will discuss experience, fakaps and successes in the Product section at DUMP-2021

We begin to tell the details about the DUMP section. Meet – for the first time at the conference there will be a separate section Product.

Historically, product development has been talked about within the management section. But the product approach in companies is developing rapidly, and more and more people are drawn into the topic of finding optimal solutions for products to bring value and be successful.

Therefore, we have a separate large section – 8 speakers, 320 minutes of concentrated benefit (with breaks, of course 🙂 and communication.

What we’re going to talk?

  • About product competencies: what hardskills and softskills are needed for product (and product teams!) Depending on their goals

  • About tools that help products in their work: quickly and efficiently test hypotheses, communicate value to users and make a lot of money (crossed out) bring them happiness

  • About the global development of the product: entering new niches, expanding geography and all the issues, pitfalls and subtleties that are associated with this. Here, of course, we are waiting for interesting fuck-up stories, but success stories will be sure.

  • Let’s talk about trends. Generations Z and A – have you thought about them? Do you create products for them? Are you planning? These are not just abstract questions, this is an interesting trend in the development of markets, which is worth thinking about now so that in a few years you will be on top. Insights are guaranteed!

Who is this section for?

For everyone who develops a product!

These are product / business analysts, products and those who want to become one, product development managers, product owners, owners of their own business or carriers of startup ideas. It will be useful and interesting for everyone!

We ourselves cannot wait to listen to the speeches and ask questions.

Tickets for offline and online are already on the site!

Join DUMP-2021!

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