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Hi all. Publication for those who plan to take OCP from Oracle. There are a lot of similar posts, as well as materials, but I decided to write a post about my experience of passing this certification.

I passed my Java SE 11 certification just over a year ago. At that time, the Java SE 17 exam was already available, but as far as I remember, there were no edited books and mock tests, so I decided to pass it on the 11th Java.

In general, as far as I know, the Java SE 8 exam is still available, but it still consists of OCA + OCP, although it has been greatly simplified over the years by reducing the number of questions.

In any case, the pattern for preparation is the same regardless of which certification version you choose now in 2023.

Need for Certification

There is no obvious need, in my opinion. There are many cool developers out there who don’t have certifications.

Personally, I trained and passed the certification when I first started working as a Java Developer. During the preparation, I learned a lot and structured my knowledge, which added to my confidence in my work. It goes without saying that this knowledge helps to write readable and beautiful code.

Some companies also pay for a successful certification attempt.

I can mention that it will be a plus in CV.


Somewhere I heard a good phrase that perfectly characterizes preparation in general for any certification: “You need a good book + A good video course + A good mock test.” In general, I agree with this phrase.

Different people perceive the way information is presented differently. It is easier for someone to read, someone needs a video course with a good explanation. That is why I will provide both.

  • Book: Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff Java OCP 11 Programmer I Study Guide

  • Course: in Russian: Igor Sudakevich OCA Java 8 + OCP Java 8

  • Mock Tests:

The book is quite good, it covers all the topics and there are questions at the end of each chapter to test yourself. In truth, passing them is not very convenient and I did not focus much on them. I will also mention that the book is in English and quite simple.

Igor Sudakevich’s course on OCA / OCP Java SE 8 is very cool. The course is taught by a professional Java teacher who himself took the OCP. He breaks down each topic in detail, with explanations and details that may come in handy on the exam. Also, after each topic, he analyzes a certain number of questions. The course is also entirely in Russian. I bought his courses on Udemy, but as far as I know, they are not currently available there. I can say that this is not a problem, since his mail is easy to google and he is very friendly and will be able to send a course for a fee.

Mock tests are just excellent. For $10 you will get 21 tests with 50-60 questions each where each question has a detailed explanation. I will mention that Mock Tests are more difficult than the real exam. From my experience of passing and the experience of passing my friends and colleagues, I can say that the real exam is always passed by 8-10 percent more than in Moki. But you should not rely on this fact, it is better to prepare as carefully as possible.


I consider passing the certification optional, but a good boost in a Java Developer’s career. After preparation and passing, you will feel much more confident, especially if you are just starting your journey in IT.

PS I took the exam through Pearson Vue, but as far as I know, Oracle does not work with them now and you need to buy a voucher directly to pass the certification.

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