Interesting from the world of Unity #4 (17.02.23 — 23.02.23)

Hi all! My name is Grigory Dyadichenko and I am a technical producer. How the Behavior Tree works, Asperite gets Unity support, anime rockets, and more in our Friday digest. Plus a bonus section. Are you interested in Unity? Come under cat.

News and interesting

Behavior Tree Tutorial

The tutorial explains what tick logic is, what a behavior tree is in general. In general, it is curious for those who do not understand this topic.

WebGL and PWA

Not directly related to Unity, but an interesting talk about PWA and games in the context of WebGL in general.

Aseprite Comes to Unity!

Appeared Aseprite support in Unity. Aseprite is a tool that allows you to conveniently create a wide variety of Pixel Art and retro animations. Now there is an importer that supports the Aseprite format in Unity.

VFXGraph + Leap Motion + Compute Shader

A beautiful VFX was shown by a reddit user. Made with Leap Motion, VFX Graph and Compute Shader.

Texturama updated

Stock with 5000 textures. I’ve never heard of it, so I don’t know what’s new. I usually take something from Whether it will be useful to someone. 10 pieces like can be downloaded for free, and the rest for credits or by subscription. Well, a link to the stock itself

earth magic vfx

A simple earth magic effect. Although I really like how it looks not the block itself and its departure. I would also play with the rhythm, as you expect earth magic to “hit”, i.e. more distinct beat points of movement. And dust. Such a cool toon dust.

The power of timelines

An interesting analysis from Unity of a cut scene using timelines.

Anime Rocket Math

A great breakdown of how math tricks can make cool effects. And in this case, it’s much easier than animating it.

And I also want to introduce a new heading into the digest. Interesting projects. These are subscriber projects. my blog. How to submit a project read here. It will get into the digest in the week in which it will be published on my blog. So, let’s begin.

Interesting projects

Unity Google Sheet Importer

A simple tool for importing Google Spreadsheet files into a Unity project. Might be useful to someone.

UI Tutorial Fade

UI Tutorial Fade is a plug-in for Unity that allows you to quickly and conveniently create soft “highlights” for tutorials. I worked in many studios, but nowhere did I find a normal creation of such highlights, they are always either sprites that are placed on the screen (and in this case they do not work with a highlight of more than one object or intersecting shapes), or in general any kind of crutches through sprite mask. In addition, all these solutions do not allow you to create “soft” masks and block input somehow conveniently and elegantly from the point of view of the code. I thought a lot about this problem and found an elegant solution that blocks input for all objects except for selected ones, creates soft masks that can intersect and which can be arbitrarily many.

Since the Unity Asset Store now almost does not work with Russia, and it is impossible to buy an asset in it, the author suggests writing in telegramto access the repository and asset.

Pure Reflex

Pure Reflex is a session multiplayer game developed by a team of enthusiasts Echpochmak Games. It is a competitive 2D action platformer with beautiful cyber-space graphics and a non-linear plot.

A distinctive feature is that all characters die with one hit, but thanks to their unique abilities, they can avoid damage and counterattack.

All news for today! If you are interested in a new section – put a plus. And in general, I write my thoughts about Unity development, freelancing, business and much more on my blog in Telegram. And there the news comes out faster. Thank you for your attention!

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