Huawei Dorado 18000 V6 storage system breaks world performance record with 21 million IOPS

The Huawei Dorado 18000 V6 enterprise-class full-SSD storage has set a new global IOPS record in SPC-1, a recognized independent standard for evaluating storage performance, and has proven its global superiority in other technical parameters, including latency. and price-performance ratio.

October 2020 hi-end storage Dorado 18000 V6 took first place in the most respected industry benchmark, SPC-1. At 21M IOPS, it broke the previous industry record, with a solution now in second place more than half the maximum achieved.

It should be noted that our All-Flash storage system maintained the highest performance, including when working with data compression algorithms (compression and compression), which serve to increase storage efficiency. In general, these processes can intermittently degrade performance, but in the Dorado 18000 V6 they are optimized to avoid or minimize such drops.

Our storage also showed impressive results in terms of cost-performance ratio: 2.914 yuan, or about $ 0.436, per 1 IOPS. The average system response time during the test was 0.286 ms, which is significantly better than the target for modern data storage systems (0.5 ms). In turn, the SPC-1 capacity utilization rate was recorded at 68.35% – higher than that of other products in the top 10 ranking.

Storage performance tests are regularly performed by an independent, non-vendor organization Storage Performance Council… Benchmarking measures how much IOPS the storage system is capable of delivering under arbitrary I / O loads when it is busy processing online transactions (OLTP) in real time. Thus, it is possible to assess how productive the solution is when servicing critical business applications: billing systems, Internet banking services, medical information systems, ERP platforms, etc.

The above achievements became possible, among other things, thanks to the innovative solutions used in the Dorado 18000 V6: Ascend 310 AI chips, end-to-end NVMe, a set of FlashLink technologies, the SmartMatrix architecture, etc. We recently described the advantages of the system in detail in a separate post on Habré.

Huawei storage systems have passed SPC tests since 2010, and this is not the first record they have set.

Full version The official test report is available on the Storage Performance Council website.

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