Greater use of natural light

Google this direction for the premises – come across only blinds, beautiful windows in the entire wall.

And why is it not possible on the outer wall to capture all the radiation that comes to it with a small beautiful panel, put the necessary frequencies into the light guide and conduct it to the lamp in the darkest central room or in the basement, corridor? And there “spray” from the ceiling, from the “window” on the wall, from anywhere …

Ordinary light bulbs can be used in extreme cases when it is dark outside.

There may be a “light pipe” in the wall along with an electric one in order to light a light bulb more locally.

Outside of any building, there is a very large luminous flux, an order of magnitude greater than that required for lighting inside, and electricity can also be generated from trapped residues, stored in a battery inside the same panel.

Also “on the aisle” it is easy to illuminate billboards of different sizes, the brightness of which should change in proportion to the surrounding illumination. How many radiations were caught from the sky – so many were distributed to the radiating elements through multi-colored filters. The efficiency will be large enough, the loss is only on filtering extra frequencies.

But you never know where a “light pipe” is useful from a place where it is bright, into the darkness.

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