How to remove the human factor from the hiring process and accelerate it by orders of magnitude

There is an opinion on the labor market that, having reached certain heights of skill, the developer gets rid of problems with finding a job, and if he throws a cry, he immediately grows a line of employers – and the next morning he can impressively go to a new office for a new cool salary, and the problem of a long search is typical only for novice programmers. This opinion is often untrue.

Having seen startups and stability in all colors, pros rightly put forward the basic requirements for the next place of work, thereby significantly narrowing their choice and lengthening the pleasure of finding a job, and they should also be prepared for the cold soul of the hiring procedure and lay down for an active job search at least one and a half two months.

In this article I want to talk about our project, whose main task is to reduce these terms by several orders of magnitude.

Root of evil

To understand how to reduce the time of searching for work / workers by 10, 100, and sometimes 1000 times, think: for what reasons does the process of searching and hiring an employee drag on for weeks and months? The generalized answer is the human factor, often multiplied by the number of people. It looks too generalized so that you can work with it, but in the yard – 2020, and it seems that the time has come, if not to get rid, then to significantly reduce the negative aspects of the human factor in hiring.

For a reader inexperienced in hiring, I prepared two illustrations of how he looks from the inside in startups and corporations.


At the beginning of the working week, the employer – the owner of the startup – pulls himself out of the business rush by willpower, quickly writes a vacancy for a pythonist, places it and dives back into business. In the evening, bouncing a new passit before bedtime, he opens HH so that he can quickly choose the best “IT specialist” who fell on his head and sees two sad responses: a cryptoprener from Moldova and a Windows installer from Kupchino … After repeating the new passit, he decides to wait until the end of the week to process the whole list of candidates in bulk.

Friday comes, the list contains 7 sane candidates, he calls them. One does not pick up the phone, the other has already found work, the third says that only a remote employee is needed, the fourth greatly embellished the resume and is not suitable for qualification, the fifth needs pension, dentistry, a massage chair, the sixth is ready to work only on Sony Play Station. The seventh is similar to the one who is needed, but asks for a little more money than planned. The employer agrees with him that he will discuss the amount of payment with the partner and inform on Monday, but on Saturday the servers fall and restoring them, everyone safely forgets about the backend for two weeks.

Stable company

A whole group of people, HR, a leading developer, project manager, accountant, lawyer, is taken up. With the help of an application for staff expansion, three stages of interviews, test tasks and a number of formalities, dockings of different employees, these five five people overcome the barrier and hire someone in two or three weeks, but they do not hire an order of magnitude more people who wait days and weeks for his refusal.

There is something sado-masochistic in these examples: people get involved in a process that would seem to have a clearly formulated goal and logic, but as soon as the human factor enters the game, everything turns into farce and a lottery – and it would be nice if it were instant but not!

The perfect hiring process

Let’s now imagine the ideal that it makes sense for us to strive for:

Once, while strolling in the Boboli spring gardens, you decide to look for a new job and click your fingers. In seconds, 100 employers who need employees like you will find out about you and your talents. Suppose you are interested in 30 of them and these 30 make a response click of their fingers.

You immediately receive these 30 offers, of which you like, say, 10. Before you even leave the beautiful gardens, you begin to discuss the details of your hiring and make a mutual decision as a result of this discussion.

This is how our ActualizeBot.
The only clarification is that before clicking with your fingers you need to place an ad filled in the special format necessary for our matching algorithm. It takes a minute to fill it.

After the announcement is posted, counter ads are searched. If you are a developer and specify Python and the remote, the service finds in the database all the ads from employers who have indicated Python and the remote – and tells them.

Some of them have already found the right person, and someone is convulsively wondering where to quickly get a Python programmer. And at that moment, a couple of seconds after you post the announcement, he receives a notification in telegrams and learns about you. Wouldn’t he be highly motivated to avoid going through several three-week sadomasochistic approaches and hire you today?

My opinion – of course, will be. And if for some reason he doesn’t hire this one, he will hire the next one who will place the announcement in half an hour and you will already receive a notification about a new opportunity and you will already respond to it, since it will still be relevant for you.

Below are screenshots of some sections of the bot: the main menu, the stack selector that switches over 100 positions and our nickname generator for 260 thousand nicknames, which serves to save the original incognito. The first screenshot shows the categories we recently added Testing and Design:

Screenshots of the bot’s main screen, stack selection screen and nickname generator

Hiring Acceleration Factors

  • In this article, I didn’t butt with the human factor nesting in the corridor of corporations, because I see that when the best developers are hired by those who can move in a minute, the corporate waiting will stir – and hiring developers who prefer to work in corporations will also accelerate .
  • In one of my previous articles, I wrote that the ideal interview is an interview between a programmer and a programmer. During such an interview, five minutes are enough to make a decision. If possible, avoid other options =)
  • An obvious but worth mentioning factor is professionalism on the one hand and the amount of payment on the other. The more specialist you are, the greater the chance to find work within an hour, even in our still very young base – such cases already exist.
  • Always look for work. With our bot, you are always invisibly in the labor market, without making any efforts for this.

In conclusion

We are a young start-up that has existed for 3 months and moved to the practical plane a month ago. We are encouraged by the business we are doing, as we have already seen confirmation of our hypotheses and have benefited the first several dozen users.

In our blog, we shared one in-house development – a framework for routing in complex telegram bots – and we plan to publish several more open source projects.

We will be glad to see you (both employees and employers) among our users and, what to hide, we hope for a load Habra test =) In exchange for all visitors who click on our links On the Habr’s, semi-annual free access is provided and a 50% discount on subscription purchases during the year

Perhaps today with our help you will find an employee or a job!

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