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On the eve of the start new course flow “Unity Game Developer. Basic” translated for you an interesting article from official Unity blog

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Last pattern The Microgames series is designed for new users: they can share their first 3D game, which will take less than an hour to develop and configure.

We are sure that the more creative people among us, the better the world becomes. Our goal is to make game development more accessible and easier for beginners. That is why we launched the Microgames project: users will learn how to develop games in Unity, and in the process of learning they will be able to find new ideas in the community and communicate with other developers who are also working on their first game.

If you’ve ever dabbled in building worlds with LEGO® bricks, Microgame is the perfect start to your creative journey: no coding experience is required to develop your own game, and it’s completely free. On the creation of this project, we worked together with LEGO Games, and users had the opportunity to participate in the open beta testing… Global release marks a landmark date for us: LEGO sets are available for the first time in the Unity Editor System in Play and LEGO minifigures.

The editor has simple and straightforward tutorials that will help new users create their first project and publish their own 3D game in less than an hour. By working at your own pace, making your own creative decisions and personalizing your project on the fly, you will understand how the elements of the game interact. Here are just a few ways to make your game more interesting.

  • Combine LEGO Behavior Bricks – blocks that, when interacting, produce an unexpected effect. You will build a truly interactive LEGO world – one virtual brick after another.

  • Choose from four LEGO minifigures to play (specially created by LEGO Games for this Microgame template!).

  • Use Mod library (Creative Mods) to personalize the game, as well as additional themes that can be downloaded from the Unity Asset Store. Your game will become truly unique!

  • Share the finished browser game with your friends and find new ideas for creativity on our website Unity Playwhere games of other authors are available.

Where to begin

  • New users. Laptop and PC users need to upgrade to LEGO Microgame page and click the Get Started button at the top of the page.

  • Registered users. Registered users must have Unity 2019.4 LTS installed: Open the Unity Hub (v2.4.2 or later) → select the Learn tab → select LEGO Microgame.

Watch the video to learn how to set up Unity, create a game, give it a try, and share it with your friends.

Library of mods and add-ons for personalizing the game

The perfect combination of famous LEGO elements and the advanced features and processes of the Unity platform allows you to build a game world from virtual bricks just like from real ones. This virtualization gives new users a new level of realistic and unique LEGO experience. At the same time, the catalog of additional functions for your games is constantly growing.

There are many game components available in the Creative Mods and Add-ons catalog of the Asset Store and will continue to grow.

Nine ways to make your game unique

On the page Unity Learn | Lego microgame you can find nine cool add-ons to personalize your game as you learn the basics of Unity. In the Mod Library, you can choose your own mini-figure, create an enemy or a closed area where you can hide trophies. And not only this!

If you want to develop a really awesome game (especially for adult LEGO lovers), you can buy virtual sets, minifigures and LEGO elements in the store BrickLink, collect from them in Studios own components for the game and import them into the project!

Working with an add-on from the Mod Library

Nine awesome additions

The Unity Asset Store is a large catalog of 2D and 3D models, textures, templates, and other tools that make developing your game easier. IN Asset Store there are nine free add-ons, four of which will need to be “unlocked” to access them. Make your game even more fun with a new theme and more!

Openable add-ons

  • Knight’s Kingdom – Share the game to discover

  • Space Cadet – Refresh the game to open

  • Danger Zone – Play a gamejam on November 19 to unlock (see below)

  • Island Adventure – Tell us about your game to unlock (see below)

LEGO Microgame DLC Brief (Available from the Unity Asset Store)

How to launch LEGO Microgame in Unity Hub

Share the game and get tips from professional game designers Unity and LEGO

It doesn’t matter what your approach to game development is – perhaps you like experimenting with new ideas or, conversely, prefer to think carefully about the project. We have good news for each of you! You can connect with the professional Unity and LEGO game designers who are working on Microgame during online courses, game jams and game presentations. Choose a format convenient for you and join us!

Online Courses with Unity and LEGO

  • WHAT? Exciting webinars that teach you how to personalize your game and work on your LEGO Microgame project.

  • WHAT FOR? The webinars are hosted by professional game designers from Unity and LEGO. You can ask them questions and get feedback on your game.

  • WHEN? Webinars are held weekly from November 9 to 30 at 20:00 Moscow time. The duration of the webinar is 1 hour. There will be four webinars in total. Webinars will be recorded.

  • AS? Register on this page

From the editor: Online Course “Unity Game Developer” by OTUS

Gamejams with Unity and LEGO

  • WHAT? In this live stream, we share some cool things to add to your game and share your first LEGO Microgame project with the community.

  • WHAT FOR? The webinars are hosted by professional game designers from Unity and LEGO. Together we will build a cool obstacle course that will surely inspire you to new ideas for your own game.

  • WHEN? Thursday, November 19 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Gamejam duration: 2–2.5 hours.

  • AS? Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube and stay tuned – we will definitely tell you how to participate.

LEGO Microgame Project Presentation

  • WHAT? At these events, users can showcase their project. We will tell you about the best ones on LET’S PLAY!

  • WHAT FOR? Not only can you be the center of attention, but you can also get a digital logo that will be visible on your page. We will play the selected games, and the best of them will receive an award in a few days during the broadcast on our channel UnityTech on Twitch.

  • WHEN? The first presentation will take place on November 19, content is accepted until December 16 inclusive. We will announce the dates of subsequent LEGO Microgame presentations at a later date.

  • AS? Go to the page Unity Play, view other users’ presentations and share yours. You need a Unity ID to upload content.

Create your first LEGO Microgame project today

  • New users. Laptop and PC users need to upgrade to LEGO Microgame page and click the Get Started button at the top of the page.

  • Registered users. Registered users must have Unity 2019.4 LTS installed: Open the Unity Hub (v2.4.2 or later) → select the Learn tab → select LEGO Microgame.

Learn about career prospects.

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