Sleepace Sleep Dot Review by Xiaomi Sleep Tracker

As you know, Xiaomi eagerly cooperates with electronics manufacturers, which, as a result, gives increased attention and sales, and Xiaomi is another brand or gadget in the piggy bank.

Sleep trackers, which can be found under the brand Xiaomi Mijia, makes the company Sleepace. The model that Xiaomi used is called Sleep Dot (first version).

Sleepace is a unique brand in that it develops only devices and software for those who want to sleep and sleep better. Gadgets are divided into two large "sections": a device to help in falling asleep and a device for analyzing sleep.

The first version of the tracker Sleep Dot is elementary simple. In fact, it simply replaces the bracelet, which is perfect for those who do not like to fall asleep with something on the wrist.

Externally, the tracker is a small round "pill", which consists of two parts, which are magnetized to each other.

In this way, the gadget and need to be fixed on the edge of the pillowcase.

In the future, in order for the tracker to start recording sleep, you need to gently tap it twice before the green LED indication. And you can fall asleep.

In the morning, after synchronization, you will receive the following picture:

This is the main statistics screen. Here is something like a general picture: the time of sleep is given, the points are given in points. Scrolling down a bit, you will see an analysis of the phases of sleep, the distribution of your sleep to fast deep sleep, and the number of movements / turns.

By a little more specifics can go by clicking on the circle with numbers. Sleepace analyzes sleep in points, where some amount is deducted from 100 for some “flaws”.

For each item there is a brief description, a description of how it affects sleep, what can be improved.

In general, if you sum up some kind of results, then in this version of Sleep Dot, a person will find a good and convenient replacement for a tracker on a hand with the same set of functional features. In general, for a long time, the trackers-bracelets have taught us that sleep analysis is a phase of sleep, and this is really quite enough for many people for the overall picture.

Why do we say “in this version”? Because analyst trackers have three Sleepaces. This model is the simplest, youngest in the range. It is followed by the second version of Sleep Dot, which has approximately the same shape and size, but differs functionally – it has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, which, of course, indirectly can affect the quality of sleep.

A selection of gadgets from Sleepace.

RestOn remains the most advanced tracker in the assortment: here pulse and respiration are added to the phases / turns / temperature / humidity.

Sleep tracker review RestOn.

DataXiaomi Sleep DotSleep Dot (2)Reston
Sleep phasesYesYesYes

The application is localized and simple. Despite the fact that it is mostly “sharpened” for working with gadgets, it can also be used autonomously: there is, for example, a section “Help in falling asleep” with tips.

Or the ability to listen to soothing music.

Of course, it is recommended to listen to music in Sleepace’s masked headphones, but no one forbids it to be turned on just like that, by itself.

Sleep Dot tracker comes in a small rectangular box:

Inside which already have a battery and a mediator.

The tracker from CR2032 works, which eliminates for a long time from the problem with autonomy, from the need to charge it.

I inserted the battery, turned on the gadget with a double tap, selected the sleep mode in the application, and next morning I just synchronized the data. Everything is extremely simple.


The tracker has the advantage that it is not on hand. This makes it a complete alternative to a smart bracelet that records the phases of sleep. The small size of the gadget just does not interfere at night.

Simple control, the absence of problems with charging – also add to it a bit of attractiveness. The traditional link to the product for all interested. Specify that this particular tracker is sold under the author's brand – Sleepace.

All good holidays!

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