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The selection includes a seminar on non-classical philosophy, the launch of a technological pre-accelerator, an art & science marathon, issues of climate change and scientific career development.

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Hard Core Philosophy: First Public Lecture

When: 2 October 2020, 17:00
Where: online in English
registration: open to everyone

Introducing a non-classical approach to philosophy – live analysis of research. The mechanics by which our consciousness operates, the future of the posthuman, the problems of regulating the digital world – we are ready to discuss these and other topics with our listeners.

At the first online meeting, we will give a lecture with a series of questions and discussion on the topic “Causal inference in evidence-based policy. A tale of three monsters and how to chase them away. ” In it, we will focus on how to support management processes with data, using the example of randomized controlled trials (RCT). Lecturers will present their vision of the topic and share an overview of the capabilities and examples of AI systems in this area.

“Preaccelerator 2020”: launch of a free program

When: 3 October 2020, 13:00
Where: ITMO University, Exchange line, 14, room 550
registration: open to everyone

In the first set pre-accelerator we would like to see technology and IT projects, plus digital HR initiatives. We will begin our new educational program with a lecture on “kasdev”And introduce the audience to the ITMO University accelerator trackers.

“Art & Science Marathon”: communication at the intersection of art and science

When: October 3, 2020
Where: ITMO University, st. Lomonosov, 9, room 2202, 1221, 1226, 1310
registration: we invite everyone

In our understanding, science and art almost always coexist. The principle of “art & science” is reflected in a variety of areas – for example, youth robotics.

This time we will host a series of lectures by experts in the art of science and technology. At the same time, we organize a compact film screening and networking for scientists and artists.

Online elective: climate change through the eyes of a scientist and journalist

When: from October 6 to November 12, 2020, Tue – from 10:00 to 11:30, Thu – from 11:00 to 14:10
Where: online
registration: open to everyone

Let’s discuss how research and work in this area is presented in the media, why “global warming” was replaced by “climate change”, and then the phrase “climate crisis” was used. In addition to issues of scientific communication, we will analyze the foundations of the climate system, the history of research in this area and the actual process of Earth’s climate change. Program and full schedule of the course – in the official documentation

“Motivation letter”: a master class for aspiring scientists

When: 30 October 2020, 16:00
Where: online (registration)

In a podcast about the work of emerging scientists in the field of ML, we discussed, among other things the importance of the design of articles and projects… In this workshop, we will show you how to prepare a letter of motivation for an internship or apply to participate in an international working group.

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Grant competition for students and graduate students of St. Petersburg universities

When: from 8 September to 8 October 2020
Acceptance of applications: until October 8 inclusive

We invite students under 35 years old and postgraduate students up to 36 years old who study full-time to participate. If your area of ​​interest includes technical, humanitarian, medical, natural and exact sciences, plus culture and art, you can apply with your scientific project or research and compete for monetary awards (more about conditions).

Competition for the support of international scientific teams

When: from 23 September to 14 December 2020
Acceptance of applications: until 17:00 (Moscow time) December 14, 2020

This is a joint initiative RSF and the German Research Community (DFG) supporting fundamental and exploratory research by international research teams. Grants for such works will be from 4 to 6 million rubles (more about the conditions of participation). A similar competition is held and for selected scientific groups


Interdisciplinary Robotics and Biomechatronics

Where to listen: Apple Podcasts · Yandex.Music · PodFM · Google podcasts · Youtube
Where to read: full text transcript on Habré

In this issue of the program “ITMO Research_” we discuss laboratories of robotics and cyberphysical systems, work on thematic projects and the features of an interdisciplinary approach to educational and scientific activities. We also have issues on youth robotics, AR, game development, quantum communications and machine learning.

What else do we have on Habré:

  • What projects is being prepared by the youth robotics laboratory: podcast “ITMO Research_”
  • Optoelectronics and Lasers – Master’s Degree in Photonics MegaFaculty of ITMO University
  • Possibilities of agent-based behavioral modeling – projects of ITMO University

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