“We are doing what few people have done before us”: talking about infochemistry in the ITMO Research podcast

In this episode of our podcast – Ekaterina Skorb, director Center for Infochemistry, ITMO University, visiting professor at Harvard and group leader at the Max Planck Institute. We are discussing educational opportunities and projects of the new center in the field of infochemistry.

The release is available here:

Timecodes for main topics:

  • 00:24 – acquaintance with infochemistry, what developments in this area can be;

  • 05:31 – management of chemical and biological systems, design for the consumer (non-invasive sensors, microelectrodes and other possible areas of use);

  • 12:33 – who else is engaged in such tasks and finances specialized research;

  • 15:36 – what does the center of infochemistry do, what directions it supports;

  • 22:00 – what to expect for those who would like to join one of the groups;

  • 26:58 – education through science, foreign scientific practice;

  • 30:48 – how to create conditions for projects in this area;

  • 37:38 – what does Ekaterina Skorb’s working day look like.

The podcast is prepared and hosted by @dmitrykabanov.

In the first five issues:

  • What projects is being prepared by our youth robotics laboratory

  • AR in the stadium, agent-based modeling and multidisciplinary game development

  • Information security and quantum key distribution systems

  • Development in the field of biomechatronics and robotics

  • What awaits budding scientists in the field of ML

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