AirPods Studio: building a device image from sketchy information

The world press has been writing for a long time that the Cupertino giant is going to please fans of good sound with a full-size version of AirPods. Recently, information appeared in the media that the release is scheduled for November of this year, however, such statements have been made since 2018. Unfortunately, I have no insight into the release date of the new product, meanwhile, the new audio gadget from Apple is extremely interesting as the first experience with a full-size form factor in the history of the company. In this post, I decided to collect scattered information about the future device in order to get an idea of ​​what to expect in the near future.

Early forecasts

For the first time, they started talking about the release of full-size AirPods in 2018, when KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that in addition to the new in-ear version of AirPods wireless headphones, Apple is developing full-size full-size headphones with a fundamentally new design. Some resources, based on the words of the analyst, even stated that the release is expected in 2018. These statements turned out to be wrong. Nothing was mentioned about the shape and characteristics in the messages of 2018.

Insider Mark Gourmet

In 2019, information about the planned release of full-size wireless headphones from Apple was confirmed by Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman. According to Gourmet, the headphones will presumably be based on the Apple W2 chipset, will have an open acoustic design, and will also receive an active noise cancellation system.

In April, Gourmet announced that, according to his information, the Apple company intends to release as many as 2 models of full-size headphones in 2020. Thus, the journalist said that a premium version with leather ear pads and a simpler version adapted for sports will be presented.


In February of this year, several patents were published, which, presumably, relate to a new development. So, patent No. 10,721,550 described control of full-size headphones using gestures, in which the recognition technology determines the position of the device relative to the user during rotation and allows you to adjust the touch control.

Later, in July, patents were published suggesting that the headband would be equipped with an axis of rotation, and that a telescopic system for changing the height of the cups would be used in the design of the headband, which would make the device quite mobile.

Also, according to the July patents, the Apple company may equip its headphones with thin ear pads with a textile layer.

Bloomberg April Intelligence

In April 2020, the news also appeared that the headphones will receive modular elements. So, the headband and ear pads of the device will be replaceable modules that are attached using magnets. Also, insiders of the publication said that the headphones will be equipped with an active noise cancellation system.

Plums by Fudge

Leaked to the network by a Twitter user under the nickname Fudge, photos and videos of the headphones generally coincide with information about some of Apple’s patents. This allows us to say that we have before us either a prototype of the device, or already the final version. If you believe Fudge, then we can confidently say that the forecast for the telescopic part of the headband came true.

From what you can see in the video, the new headphones will have a special carrying case.

November or March

The AirPods Studio presentation, supposedly scheduled for November 17, may not take place. Many of those who are keenly interested in the release date of the device call the release time March 2021, citing insiders in the company. Among those who call April the release date of the new device is the authoritative insider John Prosser, he even names the release date of the headphones – March 16, 2021. The presumable reason for the delay in the release of the device this fall, obviously, was the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic (although this did not prevent the apple company from presenting other products).

In the dry residue

As a result, we can say that with a high probability the new Apple Studio headphones will have a closed acoustic design (at least, the device in the video and photo is clearly closed, contrary to the information of 2018), a telescopic headband, magnetic fixation of modules (overlays on the headband and ear pads). Also, the device will be equipped with active sound cancellation, it may be equipped with a position tracking system on the user. The electronic base of the device will be the Apple W2 chipset. Two options are expected, one premium, the other sporty. Ergonomic differences are likely to vary depending on the interchangeable interchangeable modules (ear pads, headband pads).

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