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We come back to you with a traditional short digest of useful materials that we have found on the net over the past two weeks.

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October 22nd, As a developer, I’ll give everything for OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift helps you write programs much more efficiently, saving you a lot of developer time and effort in solving related problems. In this webinar, we’ll talk about the most recent major shift in software development and how Red Hat OpenShift makes it easier to build and maintain software.



    Mark Roberts discusses the cluster, application, and platform management issues that arise when you have multiple clusters deployed across multiple cloud providers, and shows you how Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management can help address these issues.

  • November 10, QUARKUS

    Phil Prosser will share his thoughts on why old Java frameworks are bad and why we need new ones, as well as what the transition to such a new framework in the form of Quarkus gives and how the latter works.


    Uther Lawson will present the technologies and approaches behind the Virtual Machine in a Container concept and show how easy it is to create, run, monitor and use such VMs in practice.

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  • October 23
    Embedded Jenkins, Pipeline-builds, Tekton in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

    We continue our series of Friday webinars on the native experience of using the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and Kubernetes. Register and come

  • the 3rd of November
    Red hat forum

    Our colleagues have prepared live demos and trend stories for you, and we have prepared Russian-language customer stories, a story about why the whole world needs Open Source, from which side to approach a cloud native app in order to ultimately get significant benefits, what and how to automate in first of all, and also Quarkus, the magic synergy of the container and the cloud, and so on!

    Konstantin Zelenkov from JSA-Group will tell you about where to start if you are in IT and your business wants a Digital transformation – using the example of Metalloinvest.

    Andrey Ponomarev from Rosbank will tell you how to bring the bank’s infrastructure to a new qualitative level in just a year, using the support of Red Hat by subscription.

    Sergey Alekseev from RSA will talk about how a system for centralized collection, storage and processing of information on compulsory auto insurance was built using Red Hat OpenShift. By the way, the system has more than 10 times the potential for productivity gains!

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