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Published by Lothar Renner’s blog (Lothar Renner blog post) within the framework of the European Cybersecurity Month 2021.

IT professionals around the world have performed a miracle by enabling employees to migrate to telecommuting during the pandemic. The pandemic has revolutionized the way we think about life and work, while (inadvertently) helped us understand how effective flexible work organization can be.

As they move towards the hybrid model, many organizations are reducing office space and implementing more flexible policies and regulations. This approach can provide some short-term cost benefits, but it does pose challenges, including ensuring business security in the long term.

In the process of building a new hybrid model of work, it is vital to create an effective security system. Within the framework of European Cybersecurity Month 2021 We will look at several ways to organize protection for the new work environment and threat landscape.

Work Environment: Remote to Hybrid

In 2020, telecommuting grew rapidly from 25,000 to about 140,000 in 96 countries: a stunning example of how widespread the shift to work from home has been.

Undoubtedly, having a flexible and adaptive internal network has played a role. As well as the fact that most of our offerings are focused on connectivity, networking, cybersecurity and collaboration solutions for business.

However, a unique factor in this crisis was the speed of scaling, since the goal was to transfer all employees and partners to remote work with a guarantee of business continuity. To achieve this (and we are not ashamed to talk about it) we needed support from our partners and colleagues.

Since the start of the pandemic, of course, a lot has changed. But one thing has remained unchanged: our commitment to a flexible operating model where organizations must maintain a firm stance on safety and employee well-being and motivation.

Considering all this, we advise you to pay attention to Cisco Secure Hybrid Workspace eBook… It looks at strategic and technical security solutions designed with your business in mind to help protect your workforce in an ever-changing threat landscape.


The theme for this year’s European Cybersecurity Month is ThinkB4UClick (Think Before You Click). Just one inadvertent click on a link can give cybercriminals access to company data. Either phishing, ransomware viruses or other hacking tactics, information and adequate protection are essential at any level of the organization. The pandemic has empowered hackers as employees gain access to corporate resources from a wide range of unmanaged devices and networks. Having gained access and encrypted your data and files, criminals will demand money to restore them. According to some reports, ransomware attacks have occurred every 11 seconds this year, which means you probably tips on how to protect yourself and your organization from such attacks come in handy

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I cannot finish this article on European Cybersecurity Month without mentioning the enormous impact that cybersecurity has on our shared future. This is an incredibly interesting field of activity, and I advise people of all professions to pay attention to a career in this field. If you’re not sure where to start, check out this very informative blog by my colleague at Cisco on the first steps in the field of cybersecurity

For more information on European Cybersecurity Month and Cisco’s events, you will find on this page of our international portal.

Lothar Renner, Managing Director of Cybersecurity, Cisco EMEAR

The author of the publication. October 4, 2021

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