The most unusual cell towers – non-standard solutions for standard tasks

Industrial design has always prioritized functionality. The shapes, contours and materials of the created object were to be only auxiliary components of the production function that lay on the object of execution. In the 60s and 70s of the last century, during a particularly rapid growth of the population of industrial countries, industrial design became that lifesaver, which made it possible, forgetting about aesthetic excesses, to create not only new residential areas in existing cities, but also the cities themselves, not rarely at all with scratch. The dullness and despondency of the densely populated sleeping areas became the payment for the coveted square meters. Awareness of the problem and attempts to change the organization of the space of our cities for the better is a trend of recent decades. Huge funds are invested in landscaping, in road infrastructure, our high-rise buildings are repainted in all the colors of the rainbow with only one goal – to escape from the typical dullness of post-Soviet landscapes, so easily guessed in random photographs.

Traveling abroad, it is not uncommon to come across a spacious structure, the functionality of which is not always immediately obvious. Only after looking closely with amazement you realize that in front of you is nothing more than a skillfully camouflaged cell tower. The forms and types of the latter sometimes openly make you smile. Why in our latitudes such an original way of transforming space has not yet been adopted is a mystery. Experience of urbanists from abroad under the cut.

Base stations in the form of cactuses are of course native to North America. In the desert regions of the United States and Mexico, real cacti can easily reach 10 meters in height, while being up to a meter in girth.

The shape and dimensions, for the inexperienced eye, copy the natural analogue so skillfully that only thanks to indirect signs we can suspect something wrong here.

This “green space”, being placed somewhere in the middle of a flower bed, would not even arouse suspicion about its hidden talents.

In regions with a not so arid climate, palm trees look no less picturesque than cacti. Moreover, such tall structures look more aesthetically pleasing, because from the point of view of functionality, the height of the placed repeater quite strongly affects its coverage area, and this is often a critical factor for building a cellular network.

In Egypt, the most common are just such base stations. Such tall “palm trees” can be found not only in the tourist cities of the Sinai Peninsula, it is quite a common practice both for Cairo and for completely forgotten desert settlements.

Only one of these palms is a creation of the wild. Is it not so easy to find a fake?

Perhaps not the most spectacular character in our hit parade, however, he clearly cannot be denied uniqueness.

Towers made in the image and likeness of conifers are most common in the temperate climates of the United States. Agree, a palm tree in the middle of the snow-covered hills would look wild.

Such a cedar would very picturesquely fit into the urban environment of most of our cities. It might not have become a tourist attraction, but it certainly doesn’t hurt the eye.

Also not the most bad contenders for replacing boring antennas and noisy boxes on rusty masts stuck with mobile operators wherever they get.

Cypresses. One is more beautiful than the other.

There are enough tree species. For any specific location, you can always choose the most characteristic silhouette, the corresponding height, color and type.

Even if the tower is located in the middle of the forest. Now it is already impossible to make a photograph of wildlife, so that fire towers, radio communication masts, power lines with wires, etc. do not fit into the frame.

A coniferous tree among deciduous ones is probably not the best choice. On the other hand, in the middle of winter, a deciduous tree with not fallen leaves would look even more strange.

In the end, not a single nature. Even the same industrial can be diluted with non-standard forms and solutions. For a small town, such a creation can become a real attraction. As a result, in addition to its direct functionality, such a tower will be able to provide its brand in this location with “hype” for many years.

Instead of banal towers, purposefully design monumental creations with the ability to install network equipment in them. By combining several items of expenditure of the city budget. Actually, why not?

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