Spine – a cross-platform game in the setting of cyberpunk from Banzai Games and Nekki

We are glad to officially talk about our future project. Spine project should start a new franchise, which we, together with the company Nekki will develop in the next years. Spine – team PvP fighting game (3 for 3 players) in the setting of cyberpunk. The game is developed immediately on PC, consoles and mobile devices and will become the second cross-platform project in the history of the company after Shadow Fight Arenawhich will be released at the end of 2020.

In the meantime, let’s talk a little more about Spine. The world of the game is not a distant future, where the main weapon is Spine technology – a combat artificial intelligence that is connected to the spinal cord of a person and can control every muscle. It gives the fighter the perfect reaction, precision and agility. All the characters of the game world are divided into two fractions, the confrontation of which led to the emergence of many fighting styles with edged and firearms.

Spine is a session team fighting game with real PvP on location-arenas. The player will be able to choose from a variety of characters with unique fighting styles and abilities for close and ranged combat. Particular attention will be paid to the entertainment of fights, the animation for which is created using Cascadeurwhich we talk a lot about in our blog.

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But back to Spine. The project has been in pre-production for a year now. Now we are moving into the production stage, we are expanding the development team and are looking for highly qualified specialists at Spine for various positions – see vacancies on our website banzai.games.


If you want to know a little more about the studio, read our articles (for example, how we use artificial intelligence or integrate physics) or see pictures of our new office, which we will ever return to 🙂 But if you prefer remote work – this no problem. We already have quite a few remote employees, and in the last months of self-isolation, we have worked out all the processes even better.

The Banzai Games team requires Game Designer (core) for a cross-platform project in a cyberpunk setting. You can read more about the vacancy here.

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