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Privacy – this is when everyone knows who you are, but does not know exactly what you are doing now.
Anonymity – this is when no one knows who you are, but they see your actions.

There has been an increase in the power of open data intelligence tools lately, especially based on the kind of data that people (recklessly) voluntarily share on social media and messengers.

Here’s an overview of free and affordable social media analytics tools to help you understand how vulnerable you are in today’s world.



– a service for finding people on the Internet by photography. The neural network finds the right person or is very similar to him within a few seconds. The result is a link to the profile of the found person on the social network vk.com or ok.ru, tiktok, clubhouse, instagram.com.

At the moment, 4 databases have been partially or completely collected: Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki avatars (total faces in the database: 280,781,743), Vkontakte profile photos (total faces in the database: 1,109,563,766), Tiktok user avatars (total faces in the database: 125,443,334), Instagram avatars (total faces in the database: 6,561,234), avatars of ClubHouse users (total faces in the database: 4,594,014).


Phantombuster – no-code plugin for automated data extraction from social networks and automation of routine operations. Phantombuster can automate most of the actions you do on the web, schedule tasks, chain automatically performed actions, and more. The plugin works with the following channels: LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Instagram, Google and Twitter.

Demonstration in Russian: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rn7o-4iwPU


ClubhouseDB Is the first free analytics tool for Clubhouse. Search for Clubhouse users, number of subscribers and registration dates.


Find public Discord servers.

Discord leaks

Search hundreds of thousands of messages merged from 180+ discord servers using UnicornRiot on the topic “white-supremacist / nazi”.

Who posted what?

Search for posts on Facebook.

Facebook Video Downloader

Site for downloading public videos from Facebook. Copy and paste the video url and download it in accessible formats.

Skopenow (paid)

Skopenow is an analytical search engine that uses data from social networks, deep web and dark web to facilitate the collection of information about a person or business.
Search by name, phone, email, username.

Skopenow Demo, Dig | In 2019

Facebook Advanced Search Instruction

Read on GitHub


GitHub script for fetching information from public accounts. Doesn’t use the official API and allows you to upload images and videos along with their captions and other metadata from Instagram. The twint counterpart for Twitter.


Download public Instagram stories and videos.

LinkedIn Overlay Remover

A Firefox plugin that removes the bullshit that appears on top of the linkedin profile.

Email to LinkedIn (Epieos)

Check if your email address is associated with your LinkedIn profile.

Amnesty YouTube Dataviewer

Search by picture and by video, exact loading time.

Hyde: Uncovering YouTube: a New Way to Track Radical Communities

YouTube Metadata

An alternative to Amnesty’s YT viewer, with slightly more detailed information: downloader, playlist, creator, channel, etc.

YouTube location-based search

Searching on YouTube by location, but it is unclear if it shows where it was downloaded from, which server, or filters only keywords (for example, “Paris” in the title is displayed in Paris).

YouTube Geofind

YouTube Geofind – Three different search functions, location, topic and channel.

Google Account Finder (EPIEOS)

Searches for profile picture and public google map reviews + photos associated with a G-mail address. Also checks phone numbers and checks social media email addresses.


Sends an email notification when a keyword is mentioned on Reddit.


Look for player names and previously used names, as well as when accounts have become friends with each other. View account screenshots, bulk search by previously used names.


Telegram search engine based on Google.

Intelligence X: TG

Google-powered search engine for Telegram (including Telegago)

Read more about OSINT

How representatives of different professions puncture you



Database of public groups, channels and bots.


Searches for archived Telegram channels and provides channel analytics.


Search Telegram channels by topic.


This is an unofficial python wrapper api for TikTok.com. With this API, you can call most of the trends and get information about specific users, etc.

TikTok Downloader

Extension for Chrome – downloader video from TikTok. Doesn’t work for some videos.

Hyde: Investigate TikTok Like A Pro! (translation into Russian)

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