Online music sequencers for free creativity outside of work tasks – three services for those who have time

Last time we talked about online sequencers that allow you to write a soundtrack for a home project. Today we will continue the topic and discuss three more noteworthy projects – Online Sequencer, Signal And beep box.

Photo: Wes Hicks.  Source:
Photo: Wes Hicks. Source:

beep box

This – tool for quick musical sketches. Introduced by programmer John Nesky from Google, who was involved in the development of the video game Journey. By the way, she is known for her amazing soundtrackwhich the often recommend for background listening. The author started working on BeepBox almost ten years ago, and during this time he released many updates.

The functionality of the tool is extensive and allows you to write complex melodies, but it may take time to learn all the options – not everyone can just sit down and record a new track. For example, to add and remove notes, you need to click on the gray rectangles in the workspace. You can drag them up and down to adjust the pitch as well as the volume. Notes form patterns, which are switched by numbered buttons at the bottom of the screen. The purple oval allows you to loop individual sections of the melody.


At the same time, the application allows you to flexibly adjust the sound of samples – add reverb effects, work with harmonics. Wishing can download BeepBox to your computer and run it offline.

Online Sequencer

During his career, programmer Jacob Morgan has implemented several projects, including listed online game editor in Java and PHP, point-and-click adventure street view myst based on Google Maps and, in fact, Online Sequencer. A significant part is nothing more than niche products for the soul, but the latter boasts an extensive user base.


The sequencer is written in HTML5 and can work with MIDI devices. The list of available sampling tools is quite long. It has a synthesizer, piano, xylophone, vibraphone and even steel drum. You can work with everyone at the same time, save compositions and share with the community. In the top of the popular songs generated in Online Sequencer, there is a soundtrack for the game Undertale – “Megalovania“and to the game The Legend of Zelda -“Overworld Theme“.

At the same time, the Online Sequencer requires some time to study.


It is completely open [GitHub] MIDI editor, which supports work in browsers Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. If desired, the application can be downloaded to a computer. Its author is the Japanese engineer Ryohei Kameyama, who belongs small mobile application development studio. He built the sequencer on React, MobX and SoundFont, also used WebAudio, WebGL and WebMIDI.


The system offers a large number of samples. There are both basic sounds like electric guitar, violin and piano, as well as exotic ones like sitar, koto and bagpipes. A fairly large selection of drums: from wood block before agogo.

Signal allows you to edit multiple audio tracks. BPM settings are located at the bottom of the workspace – the parameter can be changed from 0 to 512. It is worth noting that Ryohei Kameyama’s project is quite young, so there are bugs when working with it – they are mainly related to the interface.

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