Online lecture “Quick preparation of environments for hackathons and game jams”


On June 16th, we invite you to a free online lecture on fast automation and deployment of hackathon software using Ansible.

Lecturer: Anton Gladyshev, Senior Developer, MegaFon Business Services Platform.

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About the lecture

Hackathons and game jams help you make the right acquaintances and learn new things. They can be made even more useful if you become an organizer yourself. Technically, it’s easier now than ever. But even just the participants will not hurt to understand the infrastructure in order to feel more confident in the process.

Anton Gladyshev will talk about automation tools for working with configurations and the main features of Ansible. It will teach you how to create virtual machines using the API of hosting providers or through integration with VMware. He will tell you how to configure integrations with public Git-servers.

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