New sexual revolution from Apple (18+)

We are watching with interest the birth of a new industry. Apparently it has already become clear to everyone why everyone will run to buy new glasses from Apple.

We are on the threshold of a new sexual revolution. The killer features of the new device will be: real-time 3d rendering and high-quality image.
So we will have the opportunity to pull any avatar on the interlocutor.
We add 2 + 2. And we get the obvious conclusion: in the near future, any person and even any fantastic creature can become your sexual partner. (Of course, if your partner does not mind … But he is unlikely to mind, since he has exactly the same opportunity.)

At the same time, you can not even mention such features as visualization of orgasm, illumination of erogenous zones, sound and visual accompaniment, having sex in any location, even under water, even at the top of Everest, even in the middle of Central Park.

The whole question is to create software that will provide these options. But hardly anyone will refuse the opportunity to create a market worth tens and hundreds of billions of dollars.
And most importantly, all of the above will not violate any morality at all, on the contrary, it will develop and strengthen family relationships. Now you can forgive your partner for some external shortcomings. New sexy opty? Treason? Why change when in Apple Vision Pro your partner can be anyone in the world?

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