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Developers of any level need to constantly learn – watch, listen and read everything that can be useful for developing and becoming a specialist. This is especially true for newcomers to development, because they need to master a huge amount of information. And books are one of the best sources for getting it. Below the cut we’ll tell you about 5 good books on C# that a novice programmer should read.

Head First. We are learning C#. 4th ed.

AuthorsStars: Andrew Stillman, Jennifer Greene

The book reveals the necessary minimum tools and knowledge for a beginner. After getting acquainted with it, you can start working on not very complex projects, including games.

The advantage of the publication is the interesting presentation of information. Of course, there are a lot of complex things in it that you have to figure out, but all this is presented in the most detailed and accessible way possible.

In addition, the authors tried to provide not only theory, but also practice; there are both exercises and questions that allow you to consolidate the information presented in each chapter. Among other things, the authors also provide quite complex topics, in addition to the basic ones, there are not many of them, but they exist. So, examples from Unity are given.

It is worth noting that this book, although for beginners, is for those who already have some knowledge. That is, when starting familiarization, you need to be prepared that you will immediately have to start with writing code – it is assumed that the basic concepts are already familiar to the reader.

The C# Bible. 6th ed.

Author: Mikhail Flenov

This is a programmer's handbook that allows you to familiarize yourself with the basic fundamentals of the language. It shows how to develop command line programs and what is needed to create web applications.

In order for the reader to better master the material, the author tried to provide a large number of practical examples in which he explains what each of the program blocks is responsible for.

The strength of the book is that it focuses on code reuse – something that many programmers who work in companies need.

The 6th edition is written with .NET 7 in mind, with a focus on web applications and the Entity Framework data access framework.

C# 10 and .NET 6. Modern cross-platform development

Author: Mark Price

In the sixth edition of the book, the author talks about the principles of object-oriented programming. He teaches you how to write, test functions, plus debugging, creating interfaces, etc.

A separate section is devoted to the .NET API for data management, performance monitoring, working with the file system, asynchronous streams, serialization and encryption.

It also covers console applications, front-end applications, and services using ASP.NET Core, MVC, and Blazor. The sixth edition includes three new chapters that focus on .NET MAUI for developing cross-platform applications and services with Web API, OData, gRPC, GraphQL, SingalR and Azure.

The advantage of the book is extensive information about development in C# and .NET for 2022-2023. Moving from basic concepts to more complex things. Description of such nuances as the use of technologies such as MVC, Razor Pages, Entity Framework and Blazor.

This book is suitable for beginners who already have a basic understanding of development, as well as intermediate professionals who want to familiarize themselves with the new features of C# and .NET.

Learning C# through game development in Unity. 5th edition

Author: Harrison Ferrone

The author believes that one of the best ways to master practical material and learn programming is to create a simple game in Unity. This edition shows the latest versions of the language feature using examples from Unity, and also includes a new chapter on intermediate collection types.

The beginning of the book introduces the reader to programming fundamentals and basic C# concepts, including variables, classes, and object-oriented programming. Well, after you have already mastered this material, you can start writing scripts in C#.

Best practices for mastering Unity and C# are also shown. This edition is highly recommended for beginning developers. The material, logically, is presented from simple to complex. Well, the presentation style is quite accessible. In general, the publication is suitable for almost all novice C# developers.

C# with examples. Practice, practice and only practice

Author: Evdokimov P.V.

Just by the title of the book it is clear what it will be about. The author tells programmers who already have a certain base how to perform certain practical tasks. The presentation of the material is excellent, reading all this is not boring, even a beginner can understand it.

There is, of course, theory, but there is much more practice. And the author gives the novice developer the opportunity to immediately start working on his application.

The structure of the book is quite logical; you can move from simple techniques to complex ones, mastering everything a developer needs before moving to the next level. This is achieved through literally step-by-step instructions and detailed explanations.

If you have a book that you would like to recommend, tell us about it and discuss it in the comments.

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