Master JetBrains & ITMO: we continue to study intensively and announce an open day

In a pandemic, the entire educational process Master’s program at JetBrains ITMO University, of course, was ported online. Of course, it was transferred online. The curators of the program thought about this a little in advance, and when on March 15 the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia recommended switching to distance learning, everything was ready for us.

Now the students’ class schedule looks the same as at the beginning of the semester. The intensity of training remains the same – homework, work on projects, preparation for the defense of a diploma. And to encourage students in conditions of self-isolation, the curators organized a sports challenge! Every day, the guys do exercises, get points for them and turn them into small bonuses for scholarships.

By the way, on how to technically organize online training, recently our curatorial colleagues wrote in detail Computer science center.

Among other things, the online open day of the master’s program is also postponed. We tried to organize broadcasting for those who cannot attend in person before. In the same year, even curators will not be able to participate offline, so the open day will be held on the platform Zoom. We meet on Friday April 24 at 17:00. check in obligatory. At the open door day, we will talk about how studies are organized on our program, how recruitment will be organized this year, and what issues you need to prepare for and what should be repeated. Join now!

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