Let’s start the collective course MIT 15.356 How To Develop “Breakthrough” Products And Services

Perhaps some of you know about my longstanding Rv Knowledge Club initiative. In short, it’s like a book club, only for online courses. Once a week, each of us independently watches the video at a convenient time, then we call each other for exactly an hour, discuss, share ideas, practical applications, etc.

A few reasons why the idea of ​​taking courses collectively appeared and took root:

  • it is very difficult to systematically take courses alone, there will always be an urgent matter due to which you will have to postpone the viewing, and a deadline and a sense of responsibility appear in the team

  • unexpectedly, it turned out that the discussion sometimes adds almost more than the lectures themselves. It is very interesting to hear how people perceive the same information in different ways.

  • after viewing, speaking and listening to the same information from several different angles, we remember it much better

In this vein, the club has already overcome 6 courses, and now, we are starting the seventh. It’s free! It’s only 4 weeks!

If you want to join, please join the group. https://t.me/+yNJwvMfxlEk5NWVi

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