5 years, 3500 lamps, new possibilities

The project was launched five years ago. During this time, I have tested over 3500 models of lamps and luminaires. Recently new lamp parameters have been added to Lamptest and more.

It would seem that on the website the lamps already have a lot of parameters, but I had to add seven more:

To comply with the Russian Government Decree No. 1356 ( many manufacturers have started to indicate power factor (PF) on lamps and luminaires. I measured this parameter from the very beginning, but the value declared by the manufacturer was not on the site. Now there is, it is displayed in the table, in the lamp card and in the application.

The display of color rendering indices according to the new TM30-15 standard has appeared. It is believed that the Rf parameter reflects the color quality more accurately than the traditional CRI (Ra).

I no longer measure the angle of illumination, since I no longer have a device to measure it (goniophotometer), but many manufacturers indicate the angle of illumination on the packaging. Now the parameter “declared angle of illumination” has appeared.

By the way, if there is an enthusiast who wants to make a device for measuring the angle (there is only a motor for turning the lamp, a light sensor and a software part), I will be glad and will start measuring angles again.

It has long been noticed that sometimes you come across lamps in which all parameters, including color rendering indices, are excellent, and the light is unpleasant due to a greenish or some other shade. A new parameter Delta Uv (Duv) allows identifying such lamps; this is the deviation of the color shade from neutral. The lower the value of this parameter, the better. Light is considered white when Duv is less than 0.02. So far, this parameter is displayed only in the lamp card on the site.

Currently, the Duv parameter is filled in only for the last 80 tested lamps and luminaires (starting from # 3420). I am unlikely to master the Duv filling for the previous lamps, but I have almost all the data in the results files from the spectrometer, so if there is anyone who wants to fill in the Duv for other tested lamps, I will be glad.

A “manufacturer” parameter has been added to the site and to the application, as many manufacturers indicate on the packaging which Chinese factory produces their lamps.

I started testing not only lamps, but also various lamps, so a third size appeared in the lamp card on the site – thickness.

Now the site has an opportunity to display additional photos in the lamp card, which is especially important for lamps and spotlights.

In addition to the innovations, the noticed bugs were fixed: the display of relevance and the filter of relevance were corrected, the search for Russian words was corrected, the display of the production date was corrected.

For five years I have already become thoroughly tired of light bulbs, but since I have shouldered this burden, I will carry it further, because no one else will do this.

Let me remind you that you can send or transfer any serial lamps in Moscow for free testing. By the way, I ask those who did not take their lamps after testing to write to me and pick them up at last. 🙂

I would like to once again express my gratitude to the programmers who disinterestedly created an excellent website and application and support them:

Sergey Andreev – website creator with his own engine;
SviMik – creator of a table for displaying results with dynamic construction;
Anton Melnikov is the author of a mobile application for Android.
Matvey Ivanov is the creator of a formula in Excel for calculating the final grade.
Yuri Andrievsky is the creator of the program for generating a picture-report.

Special thanks to everyone who supports the project financially.

PS If you want to help the project (not necessarily with money), write! It is necessary to update the prices for lamps in the database, enter additional data, create new devices, and much more.

© 2020, Alexey Nadezhin

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