How can a programmer evaluate his pace of work? Experts answer

In fact, the speed of a programmer’s work depends on several factors: on the experience and qualifications of a specialist, on knowledge of the technologies that you have to work with, on personal perseverance and the desire for perfectionism, in the end.

The more experienced the developer and the more knowledge and practical experience he has with different languages ​​and technologies, the faster he gets the job done. Such a specialist needs less time to implement the desired functionality or to localize the cause of the detected problem.

A novice programmer will spend a lot of time studying the documentation during the work, although we will not hide the fact that up to half of his working time the average developer spends in StackOverflow and similar resources.

As for perfectionism in architectural solutions and directly in the program code, this is a rather slippery moment and it is necessary to find the right face, or rather, the right time and the right stage for this perfectionism. Of course, writing structured and well-documented (commented out) code is necessary for any self-respecting developer and others, but in any development I would advise everyone to adhere to the “Do it. Do it right. Do it better ”, which in a free sense means“ First just do it, then do it right, then do it better ”.

You can design all the subtleties and nuances for a very long time – and never reach the realization of the product, because the ideal is always unattainable. Any product can always be better.

Do not get hung up on every little thing, trying to immediately bring together all the best practices. Make MVC, then refactor the code, then implement all kinds of improvements and features. So the final result will be achieved much faster.

The speed of the programmer’s work also depends on the work and pace to which he is used. There are project teams, there are product teams. Products have a development stage and a support stage. Usually, when working with products at the support stage, the workflow is arranged more calmly – there are no very burning deadlines, any bug can be fixed in the next release, if the current one did not have enough time or simply did not reach his hands. The developer gets used to such a measured flow – and if you move it to another project, company, team, where everyone writes a lot of code, because you need to urgently bring a new product to the market in a couple of months, and then urgently submit another project – here it will seem to everyone that the productivity of such a developer is not very high.

There is no assessment as to how fast and how much a programmer should write code. Experienced developers often write much less code in principle, because the tasks they face are a bit different, and there are more suitable ready-made solutions in their head.

Any assessment is relative and, as a rule, with respect to the team in which you work.

If all team members work at approximately the same pace, then everything is going as it should. If all around you really do more tasks and do it faster than you – apparently, you should reconsider your basic principles of work.

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