Huawei’s Gentleman’s Kit for Mobile Game Developer: Game Service and Tools for Rapid HMS Integration

Hello, Habr! My name is Mikhail, I provide technical support for developers in the field of Huawei Mobile Service integration. And today I want to tell you about our tools that can be useful for mobile game developers. Our friends from Azur Games have already talked about how you can quickly adapt the game. In this article, I will tell you in more detail about Huawei Game Service, which implements basic in-game functions, as well as tools for app monetization, advertising and analytics.

Huawei Game Service at the application level

Huawei Game Service Is part of the HMS ecosystem for gaming. It works at the application level and at the system level. At the application level, HGS (Huawei Game Service) allows:

  • Implement a system of in-game achievements. You can configure up to 200 achievements to maximize user engagement in the game. In Game Service, you can add new achievements and set new challenges for users when they have already completed the game. Achievements themselves include ID, short name, description, icon, status. The state, in turn, can be of three types: hidden – the achievement is opened after a certain stage or purchase; open – the achievement is shown to the player, but he has not yet earned it; unlocked – the achievement has been earned, and the user is notified about it in a pop-up window.
  • Get player statistics. Statistics show the player’s activity, the main time he plays, and other parameters. For those who have not logged into the application for a long time, you can send a push reminder. You can also estimate the average playing time and the number of purchases made.
  • Receive messages about events. With their help, you can supplement statistics and focus on specific scenarios. For example, to understand that the player has reached such and such a level, and offer him an in-game purchase or participation in a promotion.
  • Build leaderboards. Game Service has 70 leaderboards that are ranked automatically and can be loaded during the game or after according to various parameters.
  • Work with saves. The gameplay is saved on Huawei Drive, which allows you to share game data between devices and access them in case of loss / breakdown of the phone.

System functions Huawei Game Services

Huawei Game Service is based on the engine GameTurbo Engine, which connects the operating system and the application itself. This allows load balancing with limited system resources – the application can pass the game scene, configuration, and other information to the system to dynamically allocate resources. The system, in turn, provides information about its status so that the application parameters can be changed and adapted for seamless user interaction with the game.

Thus, the application can provide for scenarios of delays for the user and make them as invisible as possible. This approach can be useful for increasing the number of game scenes between which you can set up a flexible and smoother transition.

Monetization tools

When working with payment services, the Huawei ecosystem requires mandatory registration of a legal entity. After confirming the data, work with advertising and in-app purchases will be available. To do this, use:

  • Ads Kitthat allows you to implement personalized ads. It integrates with third-party ad platforms (for example, with adjust), which allows you to track conversions and traffic, while not violating privacy requirements – each user has a unique encrypted OAID.
  • In-App Purchases (IAP) – In-App Purchase System. In games, it allows you to organize in-game payments: the purchase of virtual goods, subscriptions right inside the game. Using the service, you can set up multi-level subscription options. IAP supports 78 languages ​​and is available in over 170 countries. The specific currency is displayed automatically depending on the user’s location, developers only need to download the required package. In addition, IAP accepts almost all payment options, including Huawei points.

Tools to increase user activity

There are several ways in the Huawei ecosystem that you can drive user activity. To increase engagement in the game, we suggest using the Push Kit, which allows you to send personalized notifications with automatic language selection. In turn, developers can see a complete report on the viewing and delivery of notifications. For notifications, you can set up personalized groups that Push Kit can take from the Analytics Kit. Developers can set up different event scripts to send notifications and send new ones based on the cache of past notifications. There is also the possibility of visual customization of push notifications.

Through Gift-module you can set up a system of gifts that players will receive for certain actions in the game or for downloading the application itself. Gifts can have a unique serial number, and to receive them, the user will need to follow the instructions, or without the serial number, and then they will be received by everyone who performed a certain action.

Another way to encourage users is Huawei Points – the internal currency with which you can pay in applications and games. The system is convenient for increasing in-game purchases and attracting more players. They can come with their points and make purchases immediately as part of the gameplay, or earn points and use them to make purchases in other Huawei apps, which increases the motivation to play.

Points can currently be used to purchase paid apps, virtual goods, privileges or in-app services, exchange for in-game currencies (such as gold coins and diamonds), and pay subscriptions to Huawei Video, Huawei Music and Huawei Themes. …

Game data tools

Currently, there are about 30 different whales in the HMS core to work with different functions. For most games, it will be enough to connect only three of them:

  • Through Analytics Kit you can collect data on more than 500 parameters, including different scenarios of user behavior, their involvement in the game process. You can also find key points that influence user behavior and facilitate interaction at the points after which most users leave the application. In addition to advertising purposes, it can be useful for debugging applications and quickly responding to emerging problems.
  • Across Account Kit you can set up two-factor authentication in one click (SMS confirmation is read automatically) or connect Huawei ID so that users can log in without the registration process. Also, using this kit, you can set up direct entry to the application via a QR code.
  • You can store game data using Drive kitwhich is cloud storage. Drive has its own API with which you can interact with the cloud, not only through Huawei or Android systems. As part of a gaming application, the whale can be used to synchronize game progress data between devices.

Game adaptation tools

As a rule, adaptation of applications for HMS does not take so much effort, and the main task is to ensure work with two platforms at once: from Google and from Huawei, and there has already been an article about this on Habré.

If you have a game on the Unity engine, then you can speed up the implementation of HMS by using plugin for Android Studio or Unity Distribution Portal, which allows you to create a single APK for multiple platforms at once, including AppGallery. There is also a straight line integration with Cocos Engine.

For small teams it will be convenient to use cloud testing and debugging servicesthat allow you to test the app without physically accessing Huawei phones. One of our next articles will be about them.

How to publish your game

To work with AppGallery, follow these steps:

  • Register in AppGallery Connect… It is a universal console for applications (including games) that allows you to publish, give early access, and get statistics. To register, you must indicate your legal entity and add payment details. The verification process can take up to 4 days.
  • Create a project.
  • Add the application to the project.

  • Add primary integrations with various Huawei services of your choice. Add scripts and certificates to interact with other whales.
  • Publish the app.

That’s all for now. If you have any questions about the capabilities of our platform, listing your application in the AppGallery, or technical questions about Huawei tools, ask them in the comments.

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