How to access chatGPT in Russia

Hi all! Before starting the article, I will immediately say:

THE MOST IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Of course, by buying SMS to someone else’s number, you completely compromise the security of your account. You never know who will buy it later to gain access. Therefore, remember that the method of gaining access presented in this article is only for “playing around”. You should not enter your real mail there and use it at work, since the access received can be hacked / covered at any time.

Funny prompt for preview
Funny prompt for preview

But okay, let’s get started. Here, without any explanation of what ChatGPT is – who needs to know. In this article, I want to share the path that can lead you to this bot for 30R. I don’t want to go into details, this is purely an article for guys who want to follow the path of a person who has already received access to the bot without any extra troubles 🙂

Like many around, I was surprised by the new technology from Open AI. I tried to log in and register through Google, but …

Yes, they restrict access depending on the region.

I don’t know for sure whether this blocking depends on the VPN, but just in case, I recommend starting registration with it. The first time I logged in without a VPN and with my Google account – in the end I got stunlock to access the service. Only F12 and clearing all site data helped.

Therefore, it is better to play it safe and immediately open the site under VPN.

Obtaining a registration number

The main snag that we have in front of us is to receive SMS to any foreign number. I scrolled through several sites with receiving SMS and in the end I realized the following:

  1. All toll free numbers are already taken. I tried a bunch of sites with free numbers to a random email – everywhere the openai site writes that this number is already taken

  2. Paid sites – will do, but you still need to find a normal one. I registered for a couple in the tops of the search – they seemed very doubtful, I decided to bypass them.
    As a result, I’ll say that your benchmark is the cost of replenishment with a maximum of 30R (After replenishment, I managed to buy a number for about 5r)

I don’t know what advertising rules are on Habré, I don’t get anything from this, I just share the first adequate link that I found.

As a result, I chose the following site:

Site screenshot for understanding
Site screenshot for understanding

Если это против правил - уберу всю эту часть, но тут комментаторы или модераторы сразу же подскажут я уверен ;)

Again, you can choose any other – I just succeeded in this, if you want – you can search for yourself)

Balance replenishment

I just paid with a card, but there are any other payment methods.

I don’t remember exactly why such an amount came out (the god of randomness or the website calculator tried), but in fact I replenished my wallet with 56r 52 kopecks

56.52r is a normal amount, why not
56.52r is a normal amount, why not

Number selection

How not to

When you choose a number, you may have an idea to take a number called “Other Sites”, such as openai will do.
For some reason, after 5 such requests in different countries, none of the SMS came to me. So here we go the other way

It's probably not necessary to do so.
It’s probably not necessary to do so.

How to

1) For SMS to come, you need to write the openai service in the search bar
2) After that, on the left there will be only those countries in which there are numbers for this service.
3) Now your task here is to find a country with the lowest acceptable price for you 🙂
Yes, you will have to poke each country to see the price, but you can quickly find a suitable option

I don’t know exactly how the separation works, but most likely these are ready-made free numbers in different countries to gain access to this service. It may take a couple of tries

Is that allowed
Is that allowed

IMPORTANT POINT: I ​​don’t know how it is on other sites, but on this site if you bought a number and have not received sms on it, then money is not deducted from the balance. Therefore, after replenishment, you can feel free to try different numbers.

How did you buy the number

After you have bought a number – go to all data (not surebut preferably manually, without OAuth)

When you are asked for a number, enter the purchased number. If SMS came – enter and Congratulationsyou have access. If you didn’t come, don’t be sad, choose another number and try to register again.

When everything worked out

And here it is, our interface with an input line and a large output that we dreamed of.


To paraphrase the assistant AI:

I hope this guide has helped you easily access the site. I hope this article was interesting and useful, thanks for visiting it on this site. And remember: even in the worst code, there is something good if you look for it.

PS I, as a mobile developer, have been poking into it for several days now, and my wife and I, a tester, are simply shocked by its capabilities. I have no idea what the future holds for us. Well, good luck to you, I’m waiting in the comments for your interesting dialogues with this wonderful chat bot 🙂

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