Hosting for Node. js. Choosing a service for project deployment

Node. js is one of the most popular platforms for creating IT applications such as bots and websites. We will look at options for specialized hosting with support for Node. js, and mostly free, or almost free. We’ll also take a look at the hosts that natively support PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB databases for Node. js.

There are not many specialized providers in Russia, so we will also consider foreign players. But to pay for their services, you will need a foreign bank card. I note that we will not mention classic VPS hosting, as this is a topic for a separate article.

  1. Heroku – the most famous international service with support for Node. js. The service provides the ability to deploy via a simple push to GIT. There are PostgreSQL, MySQL and other databases as a service. The only major drawback is the high cost and the need to use a foreign bank card for payment.

  1. Amvera Cloud. Russian analogue of Heroku. There is support for updates via push to GIT and support for environment variables. It is planned to release PostgreSQL, Redis and MongoDB as a service. At the start, 1000 rubles are given, which, in most cases (if you have a small telegram bot or website), is enough for 3 months of free use.

  1. Clever Cloud. French service. You need a foreign card. There is support for Node. js and core databases. Prices are lower than Heroku.

  1. Engine Yard. Allows you to easily deploy Node. js on AWS. Supports AWS RDS, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases on EC2, which are only accessible from their internal cloud.

  1. Google App Engine And AWS Elastic Beanstalk allow you to easily deploy and scale your application on the power of GCP and AWS, respectively. And the use of welcome limits makes it possible to use the services for free for some time.

  1. DigitalOcean. The functionality of the App Platform allows you to deploy Node JS applications quite natively.

GCP, Amvera Cloud, AWS, and DigitalOcean have starting balances that can be used for free temporary deployments.

Of course, there are many more services where you can host your project. There are many VPS services, a number of classic clouds, where you can also deploy a website, bot or database. In the article, we tried to show only those that are geared towards Node hosting. js projects. We hope the information will be useful to you.

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