EVRAZ conducts data Science hackathon

Metallurgy is changing. Today we do not have enterprises that operate without the support of IT technologies.

But what exactly do IT professionals in industry work with? Anyone can feel real cases at the hackathon EVRAZ AI Challenge (you can still catch it – registration will last until October 26).
Read more about the hackathon, its tasks and other details under the cut.

What is this hackathon?

This EVRAZ AI Challenge is a Data Science and Computer Vision hackathon that will take place on October 29-31. It is conducted by our EVRAZ team.

An important point is that the hackathon is held online. The participants’ communication with each other and the jury will take place in Zoom and Telegram.

The hackathon consists of two tracks:

  1. Blowing metal through Data Science. The teams will develop a model that predicts the carbon content and temperature of the pig iron during the metal blowing process.

    More about the task. In steel production, cast iron blown, i.e. saturated with oxygen. This process takes an average of 15-25 minutes at a temperature of about 1600 degrees. The process is monitored by the distributor’s driver, who, based on his experience and knowledge, monitors when the blowdown process needs to be stopped. During the purging process, the metal is saturated with oxygen and the temperature increases. If overtake cast iron – more of the useful part of the melt will burn and there will be less steel at the exit, which will lead to loss of profit. If underblow, then the steel grade will not meet the specified criteria and the purging process must be restarted, which slows down the productivity of the shop.

    The participants will have to develop an algorithm for predicting the parameters of cast iron – which can be an excellent assistant for the driver and will significantly improve the production of EVRAZ

  2. Computer vision for monitoring dangerous areas of the sinter machine. Here it is necessary to automate the control of the safe performance of work at the sinter plant.

    More about the task. At one of the metal processing plants, there is a continuous movement of raw materials – agglomerate (concentrate from ore). A sinter machine is used to move the agglomerate – a tape, about 6 meters wide, limited by a fence. The sintering machine works continuously, its work is monitored by workers in the room, who check 3 times a day that the raw material does not wake up, the nuts are all tightened, there are no gaps – in a word, they visually check the correctness of the work. Also, the operation of the sintering machine is monitored by a dispatcher using a video camera. In total, there are two chambers at the production site: one at the sintering machine, the other in the dispatcher’s cabin.

    Occasionally incidents occur in production – at the moment when workers try to reach the sintering machine with their hands or tools, and there are even situations when workers are trying to tighten the nuts on the go. This is prohibited by safety precautions and can be fatal: for example, an employee may stumble, injure or lose limbs.

    To ensure safety control, it is proposed to use cameras, detection of people and traumatic situations – the moments when an employee enters the danger zone.

The duration of the hackathon is 48 hours. Participants in the hackathon will be able to apply their knowledge in solving business problems based on real data from industrial production, and the winners will receive cash prizes and the opportunity to join the EVRAZ team. The total prize fund of the competition is 500 thousand rubles.

Who can participate and how to register?

You can take part in the hackathon both independently and as part of a team of up to 5 people. In general, everyone can participate, but first of all, the hackathon is designed for developers. The hackathon will be of interest to database architects, data engineers, data analysts, and machine learning specialists.

There are only a few restrictions on participation.
The first is age-related: all participants must be over 18 years old.
Second, citizens of any country can take part in the hackathon, but only those who permanently reside on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Registration is carried out by this link
You can register until October 26th.

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