ENOG17 conference will take place online

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This year, ENOG17 and the RIPE NCC Regional Meeting will take place from 9 to 13 November in the form of a virtual event.

Traditionally, the main topics of ENOG are Internet technologies, advanced approaches to network management, network interoperability, as well as issues of cooperation and coordination between Internet market players.

For the first time, the ENOG conference was held in 2011 in Moscow. Since then, it has been held in different cities and countries: Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan), Ukraine (Kiev and Odessa), Azerbaijan (Baku), Armenia (Yerevan), Belarus (Minsk), Georgia (Tbilisi). The conference is being held online for the first time, although the format of remote reports is not new for it (for example, in 2018 Zhenya Linkova from Google in Moscow talked about IPv6 in corporate networks from Australia).

We are now accepting reports for speaking at the conference ENOG 17: We have already received a number of good applications by now, but there are still free places in the program.

The conference program committee is looking for reports on issues, tools, experience and trends in areas such as:

  • Key internet and networking technologies

    • New protocols and technologies: segment routing, QUIC, 5G, etc.

    • Internal and external routing protocols

    • Experience with new technologies (e.g. IPv6 and DNSSEC), trends and statistics

    • Software Defined Networking and Network Automation

    • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Internet development trends

    • New technologies, areas of their use and evolution of Internet ecosystems

    • Internet measurements, analytics and forecasts of Internet development

  • Coordination, governance and regulatory practice on the Internet

    • Internet-related legislation and its impact, multilateral model, obstacles and opportunities

    • Public initiatives and projects in the field of Internet governance, coordination, research and implementation of new technologies

  • Peering and traffic exchange points

    • Commercial, technical and social aspects of networking

  • Network Operations and Network Security

    • Hands-on experience and best practices, trends in network security and related technologies, and an overview of risks.

    • Preventing DDoS attacks

  • Content Delivery (CDN)

    • Technology, architecture and business models

If you would like to submit your report for inclusion in the ENOG 17 program, please submit your abstract and draft presentation using the online system:

Presenters should indicate how long it takes to report. Usually, time is allocated according to the format of the report:

  • Plenary talk: 20-25 minutes of presentation and 5-10 minutes of discussion

  • Training courses and master classes: up to three hours

  • BoF session: approximately one hour per evening session

  • Blitz presentation: 10 minutes in total for presentation and discussion

(Of course, if necessary, you can discuss the creation of a new format)

If you have any doubts about the format of your report, do not hesitate to contact the Program Committee for clarifications.

Application rules and presentation formats published here

To participate with a report in the plenary part of the conference or a seminar, we ask you to send your abstracts no later than October 11. Abstracts and reports are accepted in Russian and English. During the conference, simultaneous translation of all plenary reports is provided. Papers of an advertising or commercial nature are not accepted.

If you can recommend an interesting report and speaker, please send your proposal to the Program Committee.


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