Email surveys: who, why and how?

Be interested in your subscribers, and they will answer you in kind
Be interested in your subscribers, and they will answer you in kind

How well do you know your customers? Familiarity with them and behavioral factors allows you to organize better communication, strengthen the offer, and increase conversion.

Email surveys are one of the most effective tools for comprehending objective reality. This is a dialogue with a subscriber. We always have subjective thoughts passed through the prism of our experience, upbringing and set of impressions. Surveys, on the other hand, let you know for sure what is really important to talk about.

Why do email polls?

Why are email polls so important? Even experienced marketers sometimes cannot determine the further vector of strategy development:

  • What to write messages to subscribers about?

  • Which product can meet market demands?

  • What challenges do your subscribers face?

You can tell fortunes on Tarot cards, but it is much more effective to conduct marketing research. Split testing also not all questions can be answered. Solving a number of tasks is even easier – gaining user experience and opinion by embedding a survey in a letter. This is a fairly popular and comfortable feedback method for all parties:

  1. The subscriber himself will be happy to tell what he thinks about this or that occasion. People generally like to be asked for their opinion.

  2. A person is pleased to know that “on the other side” they are waiting for his answer. He sees that there is a dialogue.

  3. According to Survey Anyplace research, the response rate for emails with integrated surveys is over 33%, which is an excellent indicator.

An interesting fact: the subscriber is very enthusiastic about taking surveys by email, when compared with analogues by SMS, on the website or by phone.

In the DashaMail service there is a possibility of simple and quick integration of questionnaires into letters. This is a real highlight and feature of the platform. It has become a “fresh” release and already has a lot of positive feedback, since it can help solve a large number of urgent problems:

  • Getting feedback on products / services.

  • Conducting audience research.

  • Study of the current demand for the functionality of a service, service or goods.

  • Feedback on the work of the delivery service staff, collecting customer experience.

  • Collect data quickly from employees / subscribers and more.

This is a very rough gradation. Mailing list surveys can solve a wide range of tasks.

The main types of polls in DashaMail

A huge plus of surveys is that they can be implemented for almost any marketing and research purpose. We suggest using a conditional gradation, which can (and should) be supplemented with your own options:

  • Request for feedback from a buyer of a product or service

The psychology is as follows: I want to write responses if everything is bad. When all is well, it is taken for granted. It is in your power to push the client to talk about the service, goods / services. Request feedback using a survey in short letter. Try to make an exchange: offer a discount, a nice bonus, free shipping to increase motivation.

Useful advice: make such a trigger mailing. Be sure to explain why you need feedback (improving the service, helping other users, expanding the range).

You can see a great example of feedback incentives here.

  • Service quality assessment

Email surveys help you improve and evolve in the marketplace. Ask your subscribers how to do this. A letter with questions and a promise to take everything into account is perfect for this. This is a great format for getting a free pool of ideas for development:

  • Newsletter personalization

With subscriber data in hand, you can write interesting and personalized emails to them. Ask subscribers for more information, explaining that this will help make the service better and make purchases more convenient:

  • Resuscitation of subscribers who fell asleep

Users may not respond to mailings, while not unsubscribing. Before removing them, we advise you to try to conduct resuscitation measures using a survey. You can invite them to tell you why they no longer read your letters. Perhaps their interests have changed, they no longer like the brand, they no longer work with e-mail. It is important not only to get an answer, but also to offer a convenient alternative: for example, an alert in a human-friendly messenger.

  • The need for product / service / service improvement

This point is consonant with requests for service quality assessment, but here the answer helps to develop existing products or create new ones.

  • A game

Sometimes polls in mailing lists are purely entertainment in nature without any global revolutionary goal. At any time, you can find those things that the client is interested in, offer him to escape from the gray everyday life and take an interesting survey. It will be great if you offer gifts or some other reward system:

You can check out our team’s large collection of sample polls at this page… Also there you will find answers to questions such as:

  • Why not use inline email forms to create surveys?

  • What alternative do DashaMail users have?

  • What are the supported question answer options?

  • Secrets of stimulating subscribers to respond.

  • Branding opportunities and how to implement them with us?

  • Prospects for the future.

Useful tips for creating polls

To make your email surveys as effective as possible, we’ve put together a pool of useful recommendations that will be very useful to you in practice:

1. Remember brevity, which remains the sister of talent. Don’t ask many questions at once. The less you demand from the subscriber, the more he will provide you with answers. Experience shows: it is better when questions are 4-10. More is no longer as effective and often difficult for the audience.

2. Remember to provide answer options to minimize the need for action. If you prioritize open answers, indicate anyway several options to choose from, and then add a field for entering a custom answer:

3. Ask only those questions that are really important to you, so that later you can use the information obtained to improve your performance and improve your current market position:

4. Try to create personalized questionnaires to the maximum. This will help you gain more audience loyalty. Everyone is pleased when they call him by name and remember about purchases, see doubts when evaluating an abandoned cart, etc.

5. And a few words about the segmentation of contacts on the basis of a survey or after the analysis of completed questionnaires. Segmentation can be done in several ways:

  • Before the survey. You create segments in advance by potential answer options. After a person completes testing, his email will automatically fall into one segment or another. Here’s an example: you sell cosmetics and ask customers what type of products they buy most often (mascara, concealer, lipstick, highlighter, powder). Depending on the answer, you will send the subscriber a selection of relevant products from the category of interest.

  • After the survey. After completion, the answers go to the database, and you will conduct analysis, identify common answers and form segments for them.

It is very easy to promote surveys via email, as they do not require any serious investment of money or time from the person. On the contrary, people are pleased that they are important, they are interested in their opinion, they want to hear and change taking into account their position. You can and should conduct surveys using resources DashaMail… Our newsletter service is constantly improving the tool, opening more functions:

  1. Interest segmentation.

  2. Stylish and eye-catching design.

  3. Formation and implementation of special offers.

  4. Personalization.

  5. Analytics.

How to insert a poll into a DashaMail mailing list?

In the 21st century, there are almost no people left who would not use the possibilities of e-mail. Yes, the world is transforming, new tools are emerging, but we help keep email marketing at its peak. Polls are not new, but we propose to make them simple, intuitive, to remove any kind of “confusion”. Simply and openly asking customers about something important to you is the essence of a competent approach.

We were able to develop an intuitive service for forming surveys based on the address base of clients. Like any classic version of the questionnaire / questionnaire, it is created on the basis of DashaMail in the form of a web page, and a link to it is already added to the letter. A detailed instruction with illustrations on how to make a survey and send it around the base is at this page… We are always open to dialogue and will answer your questions if you have any.

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