Digest of events for HRs and recruiters in IT for November 2021

Getting a boost of energy from new knowledge – why not a cure for the November blues? This month experts will share their experience of HR management and tools for fast and high-quality sourcing, talk about the intricacies of hiring the best of the best, and also provide an opportunity to feel like an IT specialist. There will also be offline events, for example, the II All-Russian Forum of HR in IT. It will be possible to attend both real and virtual.

In general, if you want to keep abreast of new announcements – stay tuned for the digest and comments.

Senior IT Recruiter (Online Course)

When: beginning of November 9
Price: 600 $
Organizer: Mike pritula academy

The program is designed for beginners and experienced recruiters who want to complement their understanding of hiring IT professionals.

  • The beginning of the IT recruiter journey – where are you?

  • Getting Started: Who Are IT Marketers

  • The most important thing in IT is developers

  • Moving on – what every experienced IT recruiter knows

  • Leadership in IT – Product and Project Management

  • How to evaluate an IT specialist

  • How IT people develop products

  • Scary words: Agile, Big Data, ML, AI

  • That’s a sweet DevOps word

  • We are entering an IT recruiting IPO, that is, the finish line

Details and registration

HR Tech (conference)

When: November 9-10
Where: Moscow, Technopark “Skolkovo”
Price: 29,000 ₽ (Basic), 39,000 ₽ (Standard), 49,000 ₽ (Business), 90,000 (Premium)
Organizer: Technocrat

The conference is dedicated to four main themes: innovation in the selection and assessment of candidates, advanced technologies in training, digital tools and recruiting automation.

Details and registration

III All-Russian HR Forum on the selection and motivation of IT personnel (conference)

When: November 11-12
Where: Moscow, st. Suschevsky Val, 74
Price: 47 900 ₽
Organizer: Interforum

The main focus of attention is paid to passive candidates – IT specialists who do not post their resume on job search sites, but are ready to consider interesting offers and respond to cool vacancies.

November 11 Topics:

  • Analytics of the labor market of IT professionals.

  • Search and selection of IT professionals in the face of staff shortage in 2021 (discussion).

  • Devrel: who is it, why is it needed and why is IT important to be friends with it?

  • One day offer. Fast-Hiring Practice: Fast doesn’t mean bad.

  • Without an HR brand, big salaries and goodies: how do startups attract candidates?

  • Sourcing strategies and search tools for very (or most) passive candidates (master class).

  • Experience in organizing hackathons, meetups and other activities for the benefit of the HR brand.

  • In search of grains. Conducting qualifying contests among IT candidates

  • I am sitting far away, looking deeply: how we are looking for candidates in the regions from the Moscow HQ.

Themes on November 12:

  • HR analytics: analysis of audience, engagement tools and results. How to collect, process and use data.

  • IT staff management (discussion).

  • Recent research on the relationship between employee well-being and employee engagement.

  • SAP Academy: how do we attract, motivate and train students so that they become our colleagues after graduation?

  • Soft skills of IT specialists: why and how to develop it?

  • The art of negotiations at the offer stage. We work with objections and refusals (master class).

  • You cannot find it. The problem of team leads in IT and what to do about it.

  • Remote support for the IT team. How not to go too far with activities and not lose efficiency.

  • Adapting newcomers to Home Office mode is easy!

Details and registration

Systemic Recruiting (Online Course)

When: beginning November 15
Price: 100,000 ₽ (Basic), 115,000 ₽ (Advanced)
Organizer: Irina Chernogortseva

A course for those who want to fill IT vacancies faster. It can be done by practicing both on your vacancies and on examples from the organizer.

The program consists of five modules, three of which have practical assignments.

Details and registration

HR Management in IT (online course)

When: beginning November 17
Price: specified
Organizer: LABA

A course for HRs and recruiters with at least two years of experience on hiring planning, onboarding, professional development for IT professionals and working with rewards.

The program includes ten online classes and six practical tasks, plus feedback from the teacher, additional materials and the ability to communicate with other participants in a closed group.

Course program:

  • Companies and professions in IT.

  • IT projects and teams.

  • Selection and adaptation of IT specialists.

  • Development and training.

  • Reward.

  • Efficiency assessment and retention.

  • Culture in IT.

  • Working with executives in IT.

  • Communications.

  • IT practices applied in HR.

Details and registration

VI All-Russian Forum HR-Analytics (conference)

When: November 25
Where: Moscow, st. Bakhrushina, 11
Price: 7,500 ₽ (recording only), 22,000 ₽ (Standart), 24,000 ₽ (Professional)
Organizer: MK-Group

The conference is dedicated to successful cases of HR analytics from companies that, using data analysis, managed to influence the efficiency of business processes. The performances can be watched or watched live.

Main topics:

  • Building HR analytics in a company from scratch

  • Key metrics worth monitoring and analyzing

  • What new metrics appeared during the pandemic

  • How to organize work with large amounts of data. Difficulties and solutions.

  • Involvement of management in work with HR analytics

  • Predictive analytics

  • Successful cases of implementing solutions based on data analysis

  • Experience in restructuring processes after implementing HR analytics in a company

Details and registration

II All-Russian Forum of HR in IT (conference)

When: November 26
Where: Moscow, st. Bakhrushina, 11
Price: 7,500 ₽ (recording only), 22,000 ₽ (Standart), 24,000 ₽ (Professional)
Organizer: MK-Group

Speakers will share their experience and peculiarities of working with IT specialists – how to attract and retain the best.

Conference topics:

  • How to compete with major IT players in recruiting talent.

  • How to Transform Your IT Service: A Step-by-Step Guide for HR.

  • Formation of the IT department, grades, motivation.

  • Employer branding to attract IT professionals.

  • Modern tools and life hacks in the selection.

  • Evaluation of candidates, including hard skills and soft skills.

Details and registration

IT-Recruiter (online course)

When: beginning November 30
Price: 70 000 ₽
Organizer: OTUS

The program is aimed at recruiters who want to improve their skills in IT and learn how to talk with developers in the same language. IT specialists will tell you about programming languages ​​and technologies, help you figure out what questions you need to ask a candidate in order to determine his hard skills. The program includes interviewing workshops and resume parsing. And as a bonus, you can participate in the development.

What skills will you get:

  • Advanced knowledge of IT.

  • Workshop for an in-depth understanding of development processes.

  • Experience in Python programming.

  • New methods of searching for candidates, including instant messengers.

  • Building communication taking into account the trends of the recruitment market.

  • Candidate evaluation skill, including hard skills and soft skills.

  • The process of building a selection system.

  • Skill in creating a candidate search card.

Details and registration

How a recruiter can find anyone in IT and beyond (online course)

When: Anytime
Price: 7998 ₽
Organizer: Skill Cup

On this course, you will be helped to improve your search and selection skills, will teach you how to collect and develop a reserve base, and will offer a tool for finding those you need faster. The program also includes case studies and tests for self-examination.

The program consists of 25 video lessons, divided into 12 modules:

  • A new era in recruiting.

  • Fundamentals of sourcing.

  • Whom we are looking for: about the search matrix and position diagnostics.

  • Boolean search.

  • Boolean search. We manage the result.

  • Search on social networks.

  • How to maintain social media matchmaking.

  • An effective recruiter profile.

  • Parsing on social networks and professional forums.

  • Workshop on search techniques.

  • Recruiter development.

  • Special topics for IT recruiting.

Details and registration

Useful HR activities

About event organizers

  1. SkillCup – accelerator of educational projects.

  2. Mike pritula academy – Mikhail Prytula’s ejchar-academy.

  3. Skolkovo Technopark – services for innovative Russian companies.

  4. Interforum Is an independent organizer of business forums and conferences.

  5. Irina Chernogortseva – a private IT recruiter.

  6. LABA – an international educational platform.

  7. MK-Group – organizer of business events.

  8. OTUS Is a high-tech startup in the field of education.

If you are an organizer of events for HRs and recruiters in IT and want them to appear in our digests, write to our mailbox entries@habr.team

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