the price for customers rises for every 3 items in the order

Wildberries are very proud of their entry into overseas markets. This is understandable: the revenue is growing, and the number of partners is also growing, because for them the marketplace is a very simple way to bring their goods outside of Russia.

For example: during the Black Friday sale alone, WB’s export sales reached 1.5 billion rubles. This is double the number in 2020. Consumers from Germany, Latvia, Estonia, USA, Israel and Moldova were especially active in the action.

It is also important that half of all orders from abroad are Russian goods. In 2021, they were sold for export in an amount 2.5 times higher than the performance of the previous year. That is, there is access to the foreign market, but it threatens to slam shut. It is not yet clear to the sellers or the buyers themselves.

How did it all start?

Even in the morning of December 1, it was possible to place an order from abroad with payment for delivery at a fixed rate. He was simply tied to the fact of the order. For example, to get goods from Wildberries in Israel, you had to pay $ 15. Already in the evening, the same $ 15 became the minimum amount to pay for delivery, and the tariff scale swelled up to 6 lines. Each step in this matrix is ​​an additional 3 items per order plus $ 5 to the shipping cost. Below is an example of such a tariff scale for buyers from Israel.

Tariff grid for Israeli buyers
Tariff grid for Israeli buyers

We managed to find local buyers and ask them how they usually fill their basket at Wildberries. It turns out that for many of them domestic goods are of interest. Some people trust quality, others remember it because they come from Russia. But if earlier they could order their favorite sweets on the marketplace together with other goods, now such pleasant little things can cost them a pretty penny.

Again, for example: below are screenshots from the personal account of Israeli buyers. In the basket – Russian candy, in the bill – the total cost of goods together with delivery. The difference is only one package, automatically increases shipping costs. You can order even more, but then the delivery will cost the buyer the same amount or even more expensive.

The first thing that comes to mind from what you see: the sale of cheap goods can fall to the bottom. If earlier, having a fixed cost of delivery, it was possible to throw a bunch of useless trifles and gags into the basket, now such liberties cost buyers money. Moreover, delivery will often cost customers more than the goods themselves.

Second thing to think about: Wildberries could have played a scenario like this on purpose in order to raise the average check. If delivery costs a lot of money, then they will be more willing to pay for it only when buying expensive goods.

Third: the marketplace could thus correct its own mistakes. If we have already started talking about Israel, then it is worth pointing out that at the time of the launch of Wildberries in the country, delivery for buyers was free for orders over $ 30. In the spring of 2021, she had a mandatory minimum price tag of $ 5 for any order. In the summer it grew to $ 7, and in the fall to the already familiar $ 15. Two days ago, the same amount became only the starting one. Up to this point, buyers freely ordered large-sized and expensive goods from Russia, paying for delivery only once. It is clear that logistics is an expensive business. Perhaps, when entering the market, WB simply did not calculate all the risks and did not know how much such cooperation with foreign countries would result in.

Now everything has been corrected, but is it worth talking about the fact that buyers are ready to tear the marketplace into purple rags and start a small revolution. In the official communities of Wildberries on social networks, a riot has already begun. Under the posts on third-party topics, there is talk about only one delivery.

There are already thousands of such comments, and these are only buyers from one country. In fact, a similar situation with the revision of the tariff policy affected all countries in which Wildberries operate. At the same time, the minimum delivery cost and the step of additional payment for goods in excess of the norm are different everywhere.

Tariff grid for buyers from Spain
Tariff grid for buyers from Spain
US Buyers Pricing Schedule
US Buyers Pricing Schedule
Tariff grid for buyers from Germany
Tariff grid for buyers from Germany

Probably the easiest way to understand the reasons for such innovations is to clarify everything with Wildberries himself. We did just that. The summary of the answer – shipping rates have become more flexible, and all information is more transparent.

We have made the delivery terms more transparent. In the past, shoppers paid a flat average rate, which meant that those who ordered less were essentially overpaying for those who ordered more.

In addition, the delivery has been subsidized and continues to be subsidized by Wildberries itself. Now the terms of delivery have become more flexible and take into account the characteristics of the order.

Note that the average shipping cost remains the same: $ 15 per order, which includes up to 3 items. According to our statistics, many buyers order exactly this number of products, so the shipping cost for them will not change.

It sounds like everyone wanted to do it to please the customers. But those who ordered little and suffered from the fact that they overpay for some unknown buyer, will continue to pay for delivery at the same rate. And those who want to buy more will also pay more.

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