Alfa Battle 2.0 is an online data science championship. From December 12

And with a prize fund of 1,000,000 rubles.

Hello! we open registration to our new online championship for datasetists Alfa Battle 2.0. The tasks for him were invented by the team leaders of the corresponding division of Alfa-Bank, so it won’t be boring. But it can be tricky.

You will have 39 days to solve all the problems of the championship (we will start on December 12, and the presentation of solutions, the final and the award ceremony will take place on January 29).

More details – under the cut.

More about dates

So, you can register now, the deadline for registration is midnight on January 18th.

December 12 will be available for viewing briefing conference

From December 12 to January 20, you will have time to create working models as part of assignments.

On January 29, a presentation of solutions and awarding of winners will be held.

Where’s the money?

With money, everything is simple, the prize fund will be divided like this (amounts after taxes).

And yes, if you manage to solve both problems in such a way as to take first place both there and there, then you will receive money accordingly.

What do you need to know to solve problems?

To solve problems, basic knowledge is enough: a general understanding of machine learning methods, knowledge of the basics of programming. To obtain the highest quality solutions, we advise you to study recommender systems and artificial neural networks.

Basic skills in machine learning, Python / R or any other open environment or modeling toolkit will also be very useful to you.

And who are the judges?

  • Alexander Logachev, Director of Machine Learning and Data Management Department, AlfaStrakhovanie
  • Alexey Dral, founder of BigData Team CEO at BigData Team
  • Vadim Ayuev, Head of Statistical Analysis and Predictive Modeling, Alfa-Bank
  • Mikhail Neverov, Director of Data Analysis, X5 Retail Group
  • Nikolay Beznosov, head of the department for the implementation of a management system based on data analysis, Beeline
  • Vladimir Krivosheev, Head of Data Monetization Department, Alfa-Bank

We hold the championship itself on the platform. By the way, on December 12, the first Russian series about datasinters will be released, to which you will have access when registering.

You can register for the online championship at this page

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