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We have collected for you a short digest of useful materials that we have found on the net over the past two weeks. Stay with us – become a part DevNation!

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  • Debezium on OpenShift

    Debezium is a distributed open source platform for tracking data changes. Thanks to its reliability and speed, your applications will be able to respond faster and never miss an event, even if something goes wrong. Our cheat sheet will help you deploy, build, run and update DebeziumConnector on OpenShift.
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  • Quarkus & Observability Cheat Sheet (you will have to register in the development program and become part of the community, muhahaha)

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  • We explain in simple terms what hybrid cloud storage is

    What is it in general and what tasks does it solve in the face of constant growth in data volumes and evolution of applications.
    In short: Hybrid cloud storage is trending right now, and for good reason. Mike Piech, Vice President and General Manager Red Hat on cloud storage and data services, and other experts talk about the benefits, use cases and limitations of this technology.

  • 4 books on digital transformation every leader should read

    Technology is far from everything that executives who successfully drive digital transformation focus on. These books will expand your understanding of the development path of corporate customers, global markets and other important topics.
    In short: These 4 books will help you brush up on the prospect of digital transformation.

  • 7 Ways to Use Raspberry Pi Microcomputers in the Enterprise

    From team building to super-cheap security tools and experimenting with Kubernetes, here’s how to get the Raspberry Pi into business.
    In short: the tiny Raspberry Pi is able to give a big boost to the development of corporate IT systems.

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  • jconf.dev (September 30)

    Free Java virtual conference right on your screen: four techno tracks with our community experts on Java and the cloud, 28 in-depth sessions and two stunning keynotes.

  • AnsibleFest (October 13-14)

    Two days of interesting reports, demonstrations and practical exercises. A great opportunity to learn how IT developers, administrators and decision-makers are responding to the challenges of change with flexible open source automation technologies that move from what is to what is needed.

  • J4K Conference (October 13-14)

    New Virtual Conference on Kubernetes, Java and the Cloud: 17 sessions with Red Hat employees, including a talk by Mark Little, Red Hat’s senior middleware man.

  • Schedule of upcoming DevNation events

    Check out the DevNation Event Plan on Red Hat Developer, including all Tech Talks and Master Courses, to plan your schedule ahead of time and register for events that interest you.

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