60+ PHP developer chats and YouTube channels recommended by the community

In the middle of summer, we started to spin the idea of ​​creating a website with all PHP activities in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. What for? There are so many of them in different formats that it’s time to aggregate them for convenience in one place. Website washed down, and also asked the organizers of the city PHP communities what resources they use every day. Collected in a detailed list to be always at hand.

Telegram channels and PHP chats

Channels with news, articles and other useful things:

  • PHP Digest – not only a digest of materials every 2 weeks, as on Habré, but also interesting links to PHP resources in between.
  • Phpshnik library – a project from the Programmer’s Library channel. Authors care about the complexity of articles and videos, but there are advertisements.
  • PHP Quiz – new PHP quizzes and interview tasks every 2-3 days.
  • Puff – Valentin Udaltsov’s channel (they recently shared a transcript of a podcast release with Valentin about static analysis). Subjective observations, analysis of new products, advice and recommendations from the author.
  • PHP.today – posts are not so frequent, but the main news and releases are always in the channel.
  • PHP Russia conference channel – announcements of Ontico meetups and conferences, as well as news about PHP Russia 2021.
  • adelf on programming – Adel Fayzrakhmanov’s channel about PHP and Laravel. He rarely writes posts, but during periods of waiting you can read Adel’s book “The architecture of complex web applications. With examples in Laravel “.
  • ebanoePHP – news and updates, but in a specific presentation.

Large chat rooms for communication:

  • PHP – you can go with a question, a piece of code, share your pain.
  • PHP Quiz Community – analysis and discussion of PHP Quiz channel cases.
  • Puffer – chat from the Pykh channel.
  • PHPGeeks – communication, analysis of working moments, sometimes vacancies. Promise “Best PHP chat”)
  • phpGeeksJunior – chat for beginners. They will answer all questions, share useful materials.
  • PHP Russia conference chat – covers the program during the conference. The rest of the time – chat for communication on any PHP-topics.
  • phpclub.ru – an ancient PHP forum, moved for convenience to telegrams.



  • Symfony – the largest chat in the framework.
  • symfony – chat is smaller, but also active.


Everything is simple here – one chat for each version:

City PHP chats:

There are many PHP chats and channels. And what do they actually read?

We decided to ask the developers.

Tell us about your favorite telegram channel / chat in PHP. Maybe the authors are collecting useful collections, there are cool holivars, or vice versa – good and non-toxic.

Alexander Novikov, PHP of BY: The most frequently read in detail is PHP Digest 🙂 I deliberately began to refuse chats with leaving for remote work. They began to take away too much attention.

Leonid Korsakov, PHP Kazan: There are no favorites. The main ones are PHP chat, PHP Russia conference channel, Pykh channel. And PHP Kazan chat, of course.

Valery Gorbachev, PHP Krasnodar: Zinc Prod and Puffer.

Grigory Tumakov, PHP NN: In PHP I only read PHP Digest, adelf on programming, and my PHP NN chat. There is no time for the rest – I want to spend more time with my family.

Evgeny Prokhorov, ulskPHP: The ulskPHP tube community – it has the Ilyich bot, which shares news and memes from the PHP world. And also the Pikh channel. There are often helpful materials and code snippets.


Chat ulskPHP really worth stopping by for Ilyich’s bot.

PHP YouTube Channels

  • PHP Point – Roman Pronsky’s channel (PHP Digest) and Valentin Udaltsov’s (Pykh’s channel): open interviews, streams and author’s sections on PHP.
  • PHP Russia conference channel – there are records of reports for 2018 and 2019 in Russian and English, as well as online quarantine 2020.
  • Kirill Nesmeyanov’s channel… Kirill has been in the ecosystem of the language for more than 10 years. On the channel he shares records of his reports and streams on PHP and Laravel.
  • amorev – Anton Morev records interviews with guests of the PHP world: from developers to devrel.
  • ThinkPHP – the Kharkiv community has been keeping records of meetings since 2012.
  • PHP of BY – channel of the Belarusian community. They have been adding to the archive of meetups since 2013.
  • Php playlist with recordings of meetups from Badoo.
  • Backend playlist with recordings of reports from Lamoda.
  • Skyeng ITeam – the channel has already collected more than 50 reports and streams on PHP.

For example, PHP and Go were compared.

And this is just a part of YouTube channels. Let’s see what the communities suggest

What about your favorite YouTube channel? If there is a story “I was looking for an answer for 3 years, I found it by chance on the channel …” or “I watched a stream about there for 5 hours …” – share

Leonid Korsakov, PHP Kazan: I am looking at reviews of new features for PhpStorm from JetBrains.

Grigory Tumakov, PHP NN: I watched only Eliseev’s channels: private and DeworkerPro… And a great channel DKA-DEVELOPthanks to which I understood the basics of Laravel + Vue.js.

Alexey Sundukov, PHP Samara: Subscribed and regularly watch Skyeng ITeam channel.

Evgeny Prokhorov, ulskPHP: I often watch the broadcasts of the Skyeng ITeam channel, HighLoad Channel about projects in PHP, I found a lot of useful things on the channel fwdays… And sometimes I watch interviews on the position of PHP-programmers in Hexlet

PHP Podcasts

In Russian:

And also PHP release with Roman Pronsky and Nikita Popov recorded Podlodka Podcast.

In English:

We ask the developers

What about podcasts? Do you have an episode that you recommend listening to?

Leonid Korsakov, PHP Kazan: For beginners – podcasts Between brackets and PHP Five Minutes. For more experienced people – PHP Internals News.

Evgeny Prokhorov, ulskPHP: I listen to the podcast Zinc prod. Not about PHP, but they are discussing new language features. Works great when listening in a car – topics are not so difficult and can be learned.

Valery Gorbachev, PHP Krasnodar: Unambiguously issue with Vladimir Yants about unit tests in the podcast Between brackets, because there is no happiness in life without tests. It is interesting and understandable about when tests are important, and where is that fine line when 100% test coverage is not needed.

And that is not all

We have collected in the article the recommendations of the guys and the resources that we found ourselves. More links to phpcommunity.ru… The site has a separate block of chat channels with vacancies and a section where we add all upcoming events. There you can also subscribe to an unobtrusive digest with event announcements.

For every city where there is a PHP community, a library card was added. It contains a link to local chat, history of past meetings and recordings of broadcasts.

If there is no community in your city, but would like to – here is an article where several organizers share their launch experience and possible formats. How to build a community, there is a whole release at the podcast Between brackets.

ps: and if you know channels and chats in PHP, but did not find them in the list – feel free to throw them in the comments. We will add.

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