10 interesting repositories on GitHub, useful to any developer

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GitHub is the best platform for sharing frameworks, libraries, and technical solutions. However, it is difficult to find really useful repositories among this variety. Therefore, I decided to make a list of ten interesting repositories, which, in my opinion, will be useful to any developer.

Each of them has many stars on GitHub, which only confirms their popularity, relevance and usefulness. Some repositories will teach you something new, thanks to others you can create some cool stuff. In general, using them, you can thoroughly pump the skill of software development.

1. Build your own X

GitHub Stars: 61,300

This wonderful repository, in fact, is a selection of lessons about developing your own technologies. It explains how to create a command line tool, an operating system, a search engine, a 3D rendering module, and more.

Ever wanted to come up with your own programming language? Or maybe a platform like Docker or Git? Then Build your own X is exactly what you need.

2. Free Programming Books

GitHub Stars: 139,000

According to the name, this repository should contain only programming books. However, it is not limited to them: it has sections with free online courses, resources for interactive and sports programming, task sets, podcasts and sandboxes.

Although thematic books inside, of course, more. And this is a really cool selection.

3. Oh My Zsh

GitHub Stars: 106,000

Oh my zsh Is an open source framework developed by enthusiasts and designed to manage the zsh shell configuration. (Zsh is an interactive shell and a powerful scripting language used by many experts.)

The Oh My Zsh repository contains plugins and cute themes for customizing zsh. Of course, in order to run plugins, you have to work hard. However, the network has excellent tutorials, and there are many examples of other developers – using all this, you can configure zsh the way you need it.

4. Coding Interview University

GitHub Stars: 104,000

In that repositories – A multi-month training plan for people who want to get a job in a large IT company. He consistently describes what needs to be learned in order to become a reliability or maintenance engineer. This scheme is perfect for you if you are new to software engineering and do not have extensive knowledge of computer science.

The author of the repository created it as a checklist to track his progress. He worked on 8-12 hours a day for several months and eventually got a dream job – he became a development engineer at Amazon.

Coding Interview University can help you prepare for technical interviews at companies like Google, Microsoft, or Facebook. Use all the opportunities that he gives.

5. Gitignore: A collection of .gitignore templates

GitHub Stars: 97,100

Content repository accurately reflects its name – inside is a collection of useful .gitignore templates.

For each new project that you install as a repository on GitHub, you must have a .gitignore file to filter downloaded data. The content of the file depends on the project and language. The repository I’m writing about contains templates for almost all languages ​​and frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, Laravel, Java, etc. It even has a template for Fortran!

6. The System Design Primer

GitHub Stars: 86,200

A great repository, which will help you learn how to design large-scale systems. Inside there is a whole selection of resources on this vast and interesting topic.

Systems design is an integral part of technical interviews in many companies. The System Design Primer repository helps you get ready for them. It also contains tutorials, questions that can be asked in the interview, and answers to them, a collection of cards for Anki, interactive programming tasks, and much more.

7. Public APIs

GitHub Stars: 73,100

Public APIs – An extensive list of free APIs that you can use for your projects and applications. This repository covers a wide range of topics: business, anime, animals, news, finance, games, etc.

Yes, there are APIs with pictures of cats and dogs in it. But there are useful APIs, such as the Gmail API or the Google Analytics API. The collection is very extensive – follow the link and see for yourself.

8. The Art of Command Line

GitHub Stars: 70,100

Developers often do not pay attention to learning the command line. But in vain: confident interaction with it helps to improve the productivity and flexibility of a specialist.

Repository The art of command line contains many useful notes and tips on using the command line on Linux. There are also sections on Windows and macOS, as well as universal tips applicable to UNIX-based operating systems. They are suitable for both beginners and experienced developers.

Although this repository has a lot of useful information, it is not very actively maintained. It doesn’t matter: you can always fork and maintain the repository yourself.

9. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

GitHub Stars: 64,700

This repository contains popular algorithms and data structures for JavaScript. Each example is marked by degree of difficulty (beginner or advanced level). Inside the repository you will find samples of hash tables, heaps, queues, stacks, and more.

10. Web Developer Roadmap

GitHub Stars: 98,600

Last repository contains schemes that demonstrate solutions to various problems, and technologies that must be applied to become a successful front-end, backend, or devo developer in 2020. The amount of materials may seem overwhelmingly large, but they give an excellent idea of ​​what is possible and what is in demand in our rapidly developing field.

The repository is updated every year taking into account the latest trends in programming.


I hope these repositories will be useful to you to the same extent as me, and with the help of them you can become more advanced specialists. Thank you for attention!

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