How to pay for a Midjourney subscription from Russia

To make a payment, you will need two applications. OlduBil is a service that allows you to issue a free virtual card for online payments (with free service), the Turkish analogue of the domestic Qiwi, as well as Binance, a well-known crypto exchange.

Payment for the subscription will be made directly from the Oldubil Turkish virtual card. We will replenish the card through Binance. The Oldubil card cannot be topped up directly.

Stage 1. First you need to download the described applications

1 OlduBil on iPhone – can be downloaded from AppStore. On Android – there are no applications in the Russian region on Google Play, you can download it from here APK Combo.

2. Binance – Download for iPhone AppStorefor Android from Google Play.

After downloading the applications, you need to register in them. Registration is carried out by phone number, in the usual mode, just fill in the required fields. The Russian number is accepted in both applications without problems.

Step 2: Buying USDT from Binance

USDT is a cryptocurrency, or rather a digital token running on the blockchain. It is distinguished by its stable price, which is always equal to 1 US dollar (plus or minus 1%). A kind of cryptodollar. First you will need to buy this currency in order to convert it into Turkish liras and pay for a subscription.

1. Go to the “P2P Trading” section (P2P Trading), indicated on the screen.

2. When you open the section, you must have the “Buy” tab enabled. At the very top of the screen, you need to set the P2P switch, select the currency RUB. Under the Buy/Sell switch, the USDT tab should be selected. Check out the screenshot.

3. Next, you need to set up a payment method filter. Click the “Payment method” button and select your bank. I will use a Tinkoff bank card.

4. After you select your bank and apply the filter, Binance will select currency sellers for you that match the selected parameters. The offer cards show the rate at which USDT will be sold, as well as the minimum and maximum amount of currency that can be bought from the seller. Choose the offer that suits you and click the green “Buy” button.

5. The window for buying USDT will open, the switch at the top of the window “For fiat” (By Fiat) must be enabled, as in the screenshot. Next, enter in the field the number of rubles for which you want to buy USDT.

A Midjourney subscription costs a minimum of $10 per month. Convert the cost at the exchange rate in rubles and proceed from the resulting amount. It is advisable to throw a little more money, in case of a difference in rates on Binance and OlduBil.

6. The amount of money is indicated, you need to click the “Buy USDT” (Buy USDT) button.

7. After clicking on the button, you will be redirected to the purchase confirmation window, where you can chat with the seller and confirm the purchase. Sometimes messages from sellers with clarifying information come to the chat.

8. If the chat is empty, you need to click the “Make Payment” button. In the window that opens, you will need to copy the recipient’s card number. Indicated in the screenshot below, on the right.

9. After copying the card number, you need to go to the bank application and send money by simple transfer to the specified number. After that, you need to return to Binance and click the “Sent, notify seller” button (Transfered, notify seller).

10. You need to wait a bit, within a couple of minutes or faster, the seller will confirm the transfer and you will receive a notification that the transaction has taken place.

11. The second stage is completed.

Step 3: Adding OlduBil Card Details to Binance

1. Being in the P2P Trading tab, you must click the button with three dots in the upper right corner. A menu will open in which you need to click “Payment methods” (Payment methods).

2. You will be redirected to the section where you can add payment methods. There you need to click the button “Add a new payment method” (Add a new payment method). A list with payment methods will open, you need to scroll through it and click the “All Payment Methods” button.

3. In the search, enter OlduBil and select a method from the list.

4. A form with information about the card will open.

5. Now you need to go to the OlduBil application and click on the balance or the “My wallet” button. The card page opens.

6. On the card page, click on the card itself or on the “View Card Info” button, a modal with card data will appear. The data needs to be transferred to the Binance app.

7. The card data is filled in, you can complete the filling.

Stage 4. Buying Turkish Lira

1. Being in the P2P Trading section, you need to go from the “Buy” tab to the “Sell” tab.

2. Being in the “Sell” tab, in the upper part of the screen, you need to change the currency RUB to TRY.

3. Filter by currency applied. Now you need to select the OlduBil payment method by clicking on the “Payment method” button.

4. Binance has selected offers. Choose the one that you like the most. Click the red “Sell” button.

5. You will be redirected to a window with a form. Specify in it how much USDT you want to sell. The window should look like the screenshot.

6. Check the amount of money, press the big red button “Sell USDT” (Sell USDT). The application has been created, we are waiting for the actions of the buyer.

7. After a while, you will receive a notification that the buyer has transferred the necessary amount of money to you.

8. We check the data and the receipt of money in OlduBil, confirm receipt. First, by pressing the button “Payment received” (Payment received), then enter the code from SMS.

9. Success. Money on a virtual card OlduBil.

Stage 5. We pay for a subscription in Midjourney

1. Everything is simple here, go to the “Manage Plan” section, select a tariff plan.

When making a payment, lira from the OlduBil card is converted into dollars. Therefore, I strongly recommend that when replenishing a card, take into account that when converting rubles into USDT, lira and dollars, there may be a difference in rates.

2. Enter the data of the virtual card from OlduBil, make the payment.

3. Success, you can enjoy Midjourney. 🔥

I hope this guide was helpful to you. And if you know other ways to pay for foreign services without opening accounts, for a lot of money, in the banks of Kazakhstan and Belarus – keep the info in the comments. I will be very grateful.

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