[ +конкурс ] New Release of Acronis True Image 2021 – Comprehensive Cyber ​​Defense and New Features

Hello, Habr! It’s time for the next release of Acronis True Image, our flagship product for personal users. The 2021 version came out really special because it combines both extensive data protection capabilities and new tools for ensuring the security of information systems. We have been working on this product since 2007 and every time we try to make it as convenient and functional as possible for end users. Below the cut – detailed information about the differences between True Image 2021, as well as about new technologies used in the latest version and a small lottery of licenses.

If you are reading our blog, you have already met the concept more than once SAPAS… This abbreviation stands for 5 vectors of cyber defense, which include security, availability, privacy, authenticity and data security. If one of the directions turns out to be open, you can no longer guarantee that your data is reliably protected. Therefore, the experience of recent years has proven that backup alone is no longer enough, systems offering only backup are initially dead.

Additional protection technologies have been introduced gradually in Acronis products. In previous versions of True Image, we gradually introduced special methods of countering ransomware based on self-learning AI. Due to this, it becomes possible to comprehensively protect data on the user’s machine: if an ransomware attack occurs, the system can quickly restore the original files from the system cache or backup. In addition, users are already accustomed to the availability of data authentication tools and protection against cryptomining. Many people actively use the 3-2-1 backup capabilities, which guarantee 100% data safety due to the presence of on-site and off site-copies.

Built-in anti-virus engine

But Acronis True Image 2021 differs from all previous versions the most, because it integrates data protection and backup and an antivirus engine with a wide range of protection against malware. Let’s say right away that this is not some kind of licensed product, but our own development, which we have developed and tested for several years. The same security system is used in the solution for providers Acronis Cyber ​​Protect Cloud… This allows users today to get comprehensive protection by downloading and installing only one product.


The anti-malware module has already been tested by independent labs. Based on the assessment Virus Bulletin Acronis engine was rated VB100, showing 100% detection of all malware from the WildList Organization and AMTSO’s Real-Time Threat List (RTTL). At the same time, the system showed 0 false positives on 99,990 files from old and little-known systems specially selected by Virus Bulletin to assess the adequacy of antivirus systems. Assessment results AV-Test turned out to be similar – 100% detection based on a database of 6932 malicious programs under Windows mixed with normal user files and application applications. At the same time, the level of false positives for a database of 180,000 files was also zero.


In addition to all this, mutual integration between malware protection and disaster recovery tools has an important effect. Acronis True Image 2021 automatically recovers files damaged by attacks. In the absence of synergy between the corresponding solutions, the user has to independently recover encrypted or corrupted files and programs, which requires additional time and separate control over the backup system.

What’s new in 2021 version

However, integrated anti-malware protection is not the only innovation in Acronis True Image 2021. In addition, the system has a whole set of new features that make life easier for users and safer files. The 2021 version allows you to:

  • Perform a full antivirus scan of the system or a quick scan of vulnerable files on demand, schedule it for the future or run it right away to check the folders where viruses are most common or scan the entire PC for any type of malware. You can also configure rules and exclusions for the scanner to make the scan process as fast and efficient as possible.


  • Automatically filter web content to prevent Windows users from visiting malicious sites with viruses, false information, fake content, and phishing traps. By the way, the web filter can be customized to suit your needs.


  • Use video conferencing security to prevent attackers from attacking popular apps such as Zoom, Cisco Webex, and Microsoft Teams
  • Work with quarantine and create an exclusion list to automatically isolate threats but also allow the necessary programs to work without interruption.


Improved backup


Now a few words about the backup itself. The new version has been tuned for this subsystem, and now it allows:

  • Carry out resumable replication of backups so that in the event of a Wi-Fi connection or other connection problems while saving a local copy to the cloud, the process will resume from the point of interruption, rather than restarting. This avoids duplication of stored data and reduces the load on the network connection.


  • Validate backups faster using only the latest version, greatly speeding up the process of evaluating copy efficiency.


  • Mount, move, rename and convert .tibx archives to .vhd format using them as virtual machines.
  • Perform complete backups of all your electronic economy: operating systems, applications, settings, files, Microsoft 365 accounts and mobile devices.

More comfortable work

Since Acronis True Image 2021 now operates as a single security system, additional features have been developed for users to improve the comfort of system management.

  • The Protection Pause feature pauses the anti-malware features. To do this, just click once and select the shutdown period. You can set it to pause for a specific period of time, or automatically resume anti-malware protection the next time you restart your system.


  • An enhanced dashboard allows you to monitor system security through a graphical display of scanned files, detected threats, stopped threats, and malware scan status.
  • Automatic CPU load balancing prevents antivirus scanning from overloading your computer, giving priority to other applications.

Pros for macOS

As we all know very well, MacOS users have something that Windows does not have – it is an organic dark mode that protects the eyesight. We simply could not ignore the theme of natural design in the style of Mac and Acronis True Image 2021 has implemented support for a dark theme so that neither windows nor notifications fall out of the general concept of the workspace.

With regard to support for the latest MacOS Big Sur 11.0, active work is now underway in this direction. As you know, Apple blocks only those kernel extensions that use a specific kernel API, the so-called “outdated programming interfaces (KPIs)“. But we do not use them in Acronis True Image 2021. The problem lies in additional components and non-kernel drivers. We are just preparing an update for Acronis True Image 2021 for MAC, which will use the drivers and components recommended by Apple for Big Sur. Once development is complete, all customers with Acronis True Image on MacOS will receive a product update, and Big Sur 11 will be fully supported.

Small summary

Acronis True Image 2021 is an interesting solution that simultaneously protects personal data from all modern threats, including theft, loss, accidental deletion, device failure and cyberattacks, thanks to the integration of a modern backup system and battle-tested anti-malware software.

By the way, all new and existing customers will be able to try out the anti-virus protection functions for three months – this opportunity is provided to holders of standard and basic licenses. Also, advanced protection features are included in the advanced and premium versions of the product.

Starting in November, Acronis True Image 2021 will also include vulnerability assessment functions and some other useful options, which we will discuss later.

And finally the competition!

And now we will give away 3 licenses for Acronis True Image 2021 among those who share their fakups due to insufficient protection and data loss. Share your stories directly in the comments! We will summarize the results in a week here. Good luck!

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