Lenovo ThinkAgile VX + VMware vSAN = Data Center in a Box

Another heavyweight is the server VX3520-G, whose main task is graphic VDI.

This server is built in a 2U chassis, supports up to 2 Intel Xeon Scalable 2nd generation processors and 3TB RAM. The front panel provides 16 SAS / SATA 2.5-inch drive bays, 2 PSUs at the back, 2 or 4 onboard 10 GbE ports and 6 PCIe slots, but that’s not the point.

The main thing in this server is the availability of NVIDIA graphics adapters. The graphics subsystem supports the following configurations:

  • Up to 2 x NVIDIA Tesla M10, M60, MI25, or V340 adapters;
  • Up to 3 adapters NVIDIA Quadro P620 or Tesla P4000, V100;
  • Up to 4 NVIDIA Tesla T4 adapters.

The server allows you to run virtual workstations that require graphics computing on a hyper-converged infrastructure, ideal for design bureaus or manufacturing companies.

The next server in the lineup is VX5520. It is a 2U server designed to handle large amounts of data. In terms of hardware, it is very similar to the previous server from the model range, but the main difference from the VX3520-G is that the VX5520 server is designed for volume, and not for graphics.

A natural continuation of the lineup are two servers that are also aimed at high performance – the VX7320-N and VX7520.

VX7320-N Is a high performance single unit server. As with previous models, it supports one or two 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors and up to 3TB of RAM. The front panel supports 10 NVMe U2 drives for ultra-high workloads. The rear panel, as well as other models, provides fault-tolerant power supplies, an optional LOM card for 10 Gigabit ports and 3 PCI-e connectors.

The final model of the VX-series – VX7520which is an improved version of the VX7320-N in terms of the disk subsystem.

This 2U server, based on a platform similar to previous servers, allows you to install 24 SAS SSD or NVMe disks of 2.5 inches, thereby obtaining the maximum performance of the disk subsystem. As with other two-unit models, it has a LOM card for 10 Gigabit Ethernet + 6 PCI-e slots for additional cards.

Detailed technical characteristics of all VX server models can be found at the link: https://lenovopress.com/ds0023_RU.pdf

Now let’s see what’s included in each of the models presented:

  1. VX-series server itself;
  2. Installed and pre-configured VMware ESXi and VMware vSAN;
  3. Lenovo ThinkAgile Advantage Dedicated Support;
  4. Lenovo standard 3-year warranty support with next business day hardware exchange.

Thus, Lenovo, together with VMware, significantly simplifies the solution of problems related to the implementation of hyperconverged systems. The ThinkAgile VX series of servers address everything from small enterprise service infrastructures to high-performance VDI clusters supporting graphical virtual workstations and high-performance business applications.

At this time, Lenovo is ready to provide demo access to the VX-series servers so that customers can fully appreciate the full capabilities of modern hyper-converged systems. You can sign up for a demo by LINK

And if you want to learn even more about the Lenovo Hyper-Converged Platform powered by VMware vSAN, then sign up for our webinar on November 26, 2020 HERE

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