YouTube will not recommend videos to non-logged in users

YouTube has made fundamental changes that affect users who are not logged into Google or using Incognito mode.

Now they will not be shown recommended videos. The platform's innovation has sparked excitement that YouTube wants to force users to always be logged in.

What changed?

  • The YouTube home page for unregistered users has become empty. There are no videos or tips on what to watch.
  • In Incognito mode, YouTube also does not show recommended videos. Instead, users see a message that says “Get started” and “Start watching videos so we can recommend interesting videos to you.”
  • YouTube search also does not work correctly for unregistered users. After entering a request, no hints appear, but only a message that you need to watch more videos.

YouTube will stop recommending videos to unauthorized users 1

Why did YouTube do this?

There are several possible reasons:

  • YouTube wants users to log in. This will allow the company to collect more data about them and their preferences, which in turn will allow them to display more relevant advertising.
  • YouTube wants to improve recommendations. To do this, the company needs more information about users, their browsing history and searches.
  • YouTube wants to fight bots. User authorization can help the company track and block bots that increase views and likes.

How will this affect users?

Unregistered users will have less ability to search and watch videos. In turn, those who value their privacy may not like the fact that YouTube wants them to always be logged in.

What to do?

If you want YouTube to recommend videos to you, you need to log in to Google. And if you don’t want to do this, you can search for videos manually or use other video hosting sites.

YouTube representatives have not yet commented on the latest changes.

How do you feel about the new YouTube rules?

The guys are strangling the last islands of anonymity on the platform – dislike

In general, it sounds good – non-anonymous users will help boost recommendations on YouTube


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