Why do you need such an Apple Mac Pro at all, if a Mac Studio with the same technical parameters costs almost half as much?

Discussions began on the Internet: why did Apple release such a new Mac Pro? If her own computer Mac Studio with the same technical parameters costs almost half as much ($4,000 versus $7,000)? – See article: “Apple, why even such a new Mac Pro? Mac Studio with the same parameters costs almost half as much”.

Well, to whom the standard technical characteristics of Mac Studio are enough, then of course there is no reason to fence the garden. And someone, for example, still needs the expansion capabilities that the Mac Pro has, allowing you to install such network cards as: NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand ConnectX-7 400G Adapters (400Gb/s).

Plus, you can install additional fees for connecting and organizing data storage for hundreds of Terabytes! Why not? For someone, a standard network card with 10Gb and 8 Tb of memory for a Mac Pro will not be enough! Of course, this is a very narrow professional market, and for most users, a network of 10Gb and 8 Tb of memory is the maximum of desires, while for professionals, on the contrary, the capabilities of a modern Mac Pro may seem limited.

But I think that if there is a request for more powerful Mac Pro configurations, then perhaps in the near future Apple will release, for example, new Mac Pro models – with two or even four chips. Apple M2 Ultra on the Mac Pro motherboard.

All of this is theoretically possible, and it’s not Newton’s binomial, and Apple has already had two-socket Mac Pros (1st generation) on Intel Xeon before.
In addition, edition Bloomberg literally in October 2022, they wrote: that Apple is testing a Mac Pro running a 24-core Apple Silicon processor, 192 GB of RAM and 76 graphics cores – these are the exact characteristics of the Mac Pro presented on June 5, 2023 (which means their source was very accurately aware). And besides that, in the same note it was mentioned that there is also a version of the Mac Pro with 48 processor cores, and with 152 graphics cores, and 256 GB of RAM – this is just the most likely two-socket Mac Pro – with two Apple central processors M2 Ultra! – See article: “Apple is testing a Mac Pro with its own 24-core processor and 192GB of RAM”.

The problem of such a powerful station will probably be in the first place: the cost of this machine, and secondly: its cooling, well, and possibly software – it may well be that while macOS is not yet ready to effectively manage so many cores (this is as many as 48 CPU cores and 152 GPU cores in 2 Apple M2 Ultra).

Then, after all, Apple banned the installation of discrete AMD Radeon Pro graphics cards in the modern Mac Pro of 2023, but in the manual, oddly enough, it says about installing a discrete graphics card! And this may well mean that after some time, Apple, for example, may release its proprietary Apple discrete video card, where there will no longer be 76 GPU cores as in the Apple M2 Ultra, but for example, 152 GPU cores or even more at once, and for example, you can put several of these cards in a Mac Pro at once – then it will be an insane monstrous graphics station (with two Apple M2 Ultra and plus with several discrete GPU video cards)!
This is possible, because in 2020 there were already rumors that Apple is making its own discrete graphics card with drivers not only for Mac, but also for Linux and Windows, and wants to compete with AMD and NVIDIA – in the discrete graphics card market! – See articles:

  1. “Apple can create branded graphics cards for its computers and laptops” (7.07.2020);

  2. “Apple is actively working on its own video cards, but they will not be released until a few years later” (08/18/2020);

  3. “Apple will release processors and graphics cards for desktop computers”;

  4. “Apple is developing a Lifuka graphics card that should be faster than Intel Iris Plus” (1.09.2020).

And the time has just come – after all, the articles then called terms of about 2 – 3 years: and this is 2022 – 2023. And the fact that Apple today has the technology to create modern graphics cards, there is no doubt about it, because 76 GPU cores in the Apple M2 Ultra chip work approximately on the same level as modern AMD Radeon Pro video cards! Selecting a separate GPU processor from the Apple M2 Ultra chip and framing it with memory and making a command and data bus to it, plus cooling the card, and software for drivers – all this is within the power of the modern Apple corporation.

And besides, today the application market is actively developing with artificial intelligence, and for the development of these applications, calculations are actively used just with the use of powerful graphics cards, which today gives a rapid development to companies such as NVIDIA. Therefore, Apple may well enter this booming market.

There are no technical problems, there are only marketing troubles, Intel has entered the market of discrete graphics cards, and now it doesn’t know how to dump it 🙁 – See article: “Intel eliminates uncompetitive AMD and Nvidia discrete GPU division”.

Now, if these plans are successfully implemented, then no one will have any questions why this Mac Pro is needed, because two-socket Mac Pro stations with the ability to install several discrete GPU video cards from Apple will be fundamentally different from a non-expandable Mac Studio computer!

What do you think about it? How likely is this? Does the market need such a powerful system (48 CPU cores, 152 GPU cores in 2x Apple M2 Ultra + several discrete Apple graphics cards)?

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