What the most affordable turntables look like – five entry-level turntables

In a series of several thematic habraposts, we looked at examples of floor acoustics – from the most affordable models to speakers in the region of one hundred thousand rubles. Today we are opening a cycle about remarkable vinyl players – this time we will talk about basic “turntables” – up to fifteen thousand rubles.

Turntable Lenco LS-50 - Audiomania.ru
Turntable Lenco LS-50 – Audiomania.ru

[10 990] Lenco LS-50 – completely ready-to-use player. It does not require the purchase of an amplifier and speakers – it has a built-in stereo amplifier with a pair of full-range speakers. At the same time, the LS-50 player is relatively compact [430 х 118 х 330 мм] and light [3,2 кг]… Its small chassis has a 300mm diameter full-size platter with a damping mat. Reviews note a low-noise motor, belt drive and electronic speed control [33 / 45 / 78 об/мин]…

If we talk about “usability” from the point of view of those who are just getting acquainted with devices of this type, it is worth highlighting the hitchhiking, which raises the tonearm as you finish listening to the contents of the disc. Plus – autostart of rotation of the plate at the moment of installation of the tonearm to the beginning of its first track. In addition to using the built-in speakers, the LS-50 can be connected to a stereo system – there is a dedicated knob to control the volume level. The turntable is also suitable for amateur experiments in digitizing vinyl – there is a USB output with which you can connect the device to a computer.

The MM cartridge on the LS-50 is adjusted at the factory. The set includes a second needle – its change does not require additional system setup.

The signal-to-noise ratio is 40 dB.

If you look at the disadvantages of this player, it should be said that it is quite picky about the quality of the records, and the sound of the built-in speakers – with a power of 12 W – somewhat resembles the capabilities of ordinary TVs and will not suit everyone. Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to Lenco LS-300 with more advanced acoustics and Bluetooth receiver.

Turntable Lenco L-30 - Audiomania.ru
Turntable Lenco L-30 – Audiomania.ru

[11 990] Lenco L-30 – slightly more compact [410 х 116 х 330 мм] and easier [3,1 кг] the first model in this collection. It has a classic belt drive and electronic gear change. [33 / 45 об/мин]… The disc is installed here of a similar diameter of 300 mm, on it, of course, a damping mat.

The player has a phono stage on board, so the turntable can be connected to an amplifier or AV receiver. Also on the L-30 there is a built-in DAC with a USB output – with the help of it you can easily “play” with vinyl digitization. From the point of view of automation, it is worth highlighting the switchable auto-raise of the tonearm – it is triggered when the record is finished playing.

The signal-to-noise ratio is 40 dB.

There is no stroboscope and built-in acoustics, but the MM pickup, like the LS-50, comes with factory settings – you don’t need to fiddle with it. By the way, in the summer we we give Lenco L-30 for one ruble when buying in “Audiomania” seven records

[12 990] Audio-Technica AT-LP60X – no less convenient for beginners when compared to the LS-50. To play a record on the AT-LP60X, just press the corresponding button. The player is more compact [360 x 98 x 373 мм] and easier [2,6 кг] the models presented above, but does not have such a striking appearance.

Audio-Technica AT-LP60X turntable - Audiomania.ru
Audio-Technica AT-LP60X turntable – Audiomania.ru

Other “options” include an aluminum platter, felt mat, belt drive, improved arm support, electronic speed control [33 / 45 об/мин], Audio-Technica’s proprietary MM pickup with replaceable stylus.

The signal-to-noise ratio is 50 dB.

The AT-LP60X has a phono stage onboard that allows you to connect to external speakers [рекомендуем обратить внимание на доступную пару мониторов PreSonus Eris E3.5], AV receiver or stereo amplifier. It should be noted, however, that this turntable has no headphone output. [если нужен «джек», он есть тут]…

[14 345] Scansonic USB100 – raises the price bar almost close to the level declared for today’s selection. Along with this, it boasts a number of point “buns” that the competitors noted above do not have. For example, the function of adjusting the rotation according to the stroboscope. In addition, the USB100 has electronic switching of the rotation speed. [33 / 45 об/мин], belt drive, MM-cartridge Audio-Technica AT3600L ready to use “out of the box”.

Scansonic USB100 player - Audiomania.com
Scansonic USB100 player – Audiomania.com

The system is more massive [4,5 кг] and larger [450 х 145 х 350 мм] analogs, which is not a “minus” for the player. On the other hand, the disc here is made of plastic, which can be perceived as a potential disadvantage. This model also does not have significant automation and has manual control, so we recommend that you pay attention to Audio-Technica AT-LP3

Of course, the Scansonic USB100 has a USB port, a switchable phono stage and a classic output for connecting an amplifier and acoustics. Alternatively, you can consider a bunch of Yamaha A-S201 and Klipsch R-610For Klipsch R-41M

[14 990] Denon DP-29F – in contrast to the USB100, this model stands out with a cast aluminum disc of 300 mm, automatic and manual modes. You can start the record either “from the button” or put the tonearm in the required position – in this case, the rotation of the record will start automatically.

Audio-Technica AT-LP3 player - Audiomania.ru
Audio-Technica AT-LP3 player – Audiomania.ru

Dimensions (edit) [360 х 97 х 357 мм, 2,8 кг] here they are comparable to the AT-LP60X, there is a switch that sets the diameter of the record, and an adapter for listening to 45-turn discs with an enlarged hole in the center. Speeds – 33/45 rpm.

Of course, there is a tuned tonearm with an MM pickup. It is ready to go, but it will require a simple assembly of the system. There is also a built-in RIAA phono stage – the DP-29F can work with muses. center and external active acoustics with amplifier. Recommended Yamaha A-S201 and DALI Spector 1

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