We invite you to the Live Webinar – Process Automation with GitLab CI / CD – Oct 29, 15:00 -16: 00 (MST)

We expand our knowledge and move to the next level.

Are you just starting to learn the basic principles of Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery or have you written more than a dozen pipelines? Regardless of your level of knowledge, join our webinar to find out in practice why thousands of organizations around the world choose GitLab as a key tool for automating IT processes.

Traditional tools add complexity to teams, require extra attention to customize a lot of plugins and integrations, and don’t really scale up their use. Don’t let your tools waste your time.

In this webinar we will analyze:

  • Basic Automation Elements in GitLab CI / CD
  • Pipelines-as-Code Principles
  • AutoDevOps is an automatic full-fledged CI / CD pipeline that independently automates the entire process
  • Advanced settings and optimization of GitLab CI / CD

We will also show you, with specific examples, how using GitLab out of the box can significantly speed up your software development cycle.

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