Want to know exactly how a Ransomware attack happens?

Ransomware, or ransomware, is one of the most destructive types of malware, and the share of Ransomware in attacks against businesses has grown steadily in recent years. According to a study by Acronis Cyber ​​Threats Report, at the end of 2020, it was ransomware that became the No. 1 threat to businesses and organizations around the world.

Today we invite you to take part in a very informative event – on June 16, 2021, we will conduct an analysis of the Ransomware attack and the practice of countering it in real time. In addition, we will talk about the main trends on the Ransomware front, as well as hold a discussion with experts and answer questions from participants. You can register for the demo here

Many people think that setting up a backup is enough to protect against Ransomware. But in practice, everything turns out to be not so simple. For example, the recent attacks on the American fuel company Colonial Pipeline, as well as the Australian-American meat supplier JBS SA, have shown that the damage from Ransomware can be impressive. And even if you think that the defense is “okay”, only a real attack can show if this is so.

Since many people are worried about the Ransomware problem today, we decided to hold a special event, which will examine in detail the attack mechanism of modern ransomware with a detailed analysis of the countermeasures in real time.

What exactly are we going to show?

If you want to show your colleagues what the dangers of modern Ransomware are, as well as see exactly how malware infiltrates a computer and encrypts files, this demonstration will be informative and useful.

Topher Tebow, Senior Cybersecurity Researcher at Acronis, will give a live presentation, “inciting” malware onto a real system. Together with the comments of our expert, you will be able to observe the stages of the attack. In addition, Topher will share his expertise, which he has accumulated over 6 years of work as a malware researcher, as well as over 7 years of work in IT support and system maintenance.

We specifically decided to conduct a demonstration of the attack so that the responsible persons could clearly imagine what they need to protect the company’s networks, servers and workplaces from, and also choose the appropriate means of protection. After all, the better the management understands through which security gaps the ransomware can crawl through, the easier it is to argue for the use of the necessary information security tools.

Demonstration is good. What’s next?

At the conference to which we invite you and your colleagues today, there will be more than a demonstration of the attack and victory over it. In addition, Candide Vuest, Acronis VP of Cybersecurity Research, will share our vision of Ransomware trends. Among other things, you will learn about the most effective loopholes used by the developers of this malware, as well as new tactics of psychological pressure that force the victims of ransomware to pay a ransom. The talk will examine the latest Ransomware families, as well as the implications of their attacks on various companies.

Candid’s background provides extensive insight and analysis of attack and defense trends, with over 16 years as a Tech Lead with Symantec’s Global Rapid Response Team. Candid has written extensively in major media on information security issues, as well as a series of speeches at conferences such as RSA and AREA 41. Mr. Vuest is an advisor to the Swiss government on cyber risk assessment. And this is the speaker that CEOs from different countries and different sizes listen to.

Ransomware Experts Panel Discussion

After analyzing the attack, our virtual conference will host a panel discussion, in which both Candide Vuest and two other well-known experts from the information security industry will take part:

  • Graham Cluley, host of the popular entertainment podcast Smashing security podcast… (If you watched the Acronis Global Cyber ​​Summit, you might also have seen its co-host Carole Theriault, who was one of the forum’s speakers). As a well-known cybercrime expert, Graham also leads the popular Cybersecurity blogand is also engaged in research and consulting services to companies around the world.

  • James Grove, Head of IT, Premier League Team Southampton FC… James has over 16 years of industry experience behind him. including 10 years in leading positions at Navitas. In this company, he was responsible for technology partnerships in the UK and Europe, and also led the IT services division. James is actively driving innovation in the football premier league, where the competitiveness of a team depends on successful data management. And, naturally, he often faces various cyber defense challenges in his work.

The purpose of the discussion, which will be attended by veterans of technical expertise, is to go deeper into practical approaches to countering Ransomware. Following the discussion, the speakers will share their checklist, which can be used to build their own system of protection against Ransomware, including methods of detection, counteraction and response. We want to discuss and find the most effective ways to organize people, processes and use technologies (including artificial intelligence) that will improve protection and make companies resilient to Ransomware attacks.

By the way, the speakers will answer questions from the participants, so you can prepare a couple of topics in advance that you would like to discuss with recognized experts.

For those interested, at the end of the event, there will be a short demonstration of Acronis technical solutions and their capabilities to counter Ransomware. However, until this moment, the event will be exclusively expert, and reports and discussions will be held without reference to Acronis products.

Register today!

The ability to protect businesses from Ransomware attacks, which are becoming more sophisticated every month, is becoming essential these days. The virtual conference will last about an hour and will help to form a holistic understanding of what a modern ransomware virus is, what security holes it uses, and how to deal with it. This seminar will be useful for both IT professionals and executives, because the advice of experts will help you create your own plan to combat the threat, based on the products and technical solutions that are already in use in the company or that you plan to implement.

Event withwill stay on Wednesday, June 16 at 16:00 UTC (15:00 on time CEST). The reports will be held in English. Register, and also invite colleagues and managers who need to better understand the issues of countering Ransomware!

Event program:

  • Demonstration of attacks and countermeasures in real time with comments from an information security specialist

  • Analysis of the latest Ransomware trends, analysis of attack vectors and psychological pressure techniques

  • Panel discussion on countering Ransomware and forming a checklist for organizing protection

  • Q&A session

  • Brief demo of Acronis solutions

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