Three Incubator held prototyping courses for the first group of students

Last Saturday, a two-day educational intensive for future engineers and developers ended in Skolkovo. The participants got acquainted with the basics of prototyping, programming, VR and AR, saw a production site for collective use of the Skolkovo Technopark and received basic knowledge about the rehabilitation sector of the economy.

A group of 20 people – students, young professionals and everyone who is interested in social entrepreneurship and innovation in the spirit of inventing fundamentally new technical devices, took an intensive course organized by the AURA-Tech Association at the partner site of the Three Incubator.

The event took place on December 6-7 at the Skolkovo Technopark.

The course started with a lecture on "Profession of the Future", in which participants learned about changes in the labor market in the foreseeable future. The subsequent master-class “13 components of programming and Game Development” formed a general idea about the development of a digital project and introduced it to its environment.

Then the participants were divided into two subgroups. Ten of the first went on a tour of the Skolkovo Technopark, and then passed a quiz on information security. At the same time, the second subgroup got acquainted with the Unity engine and learned to interact with the Vuforia augmented reality site.

On the second day, December 7, the subgroups reunited again as part of an open dialogue “How to start your project from scratch”. During a conversation with experts, participants decided on a number of theoretical design situations, discussed ideas of their own projects, and learned about support programs and competitions.

Then everyone went to a laser engraving master class. As a training device, a numerical control station (CNC) was used and in the final of the event, the participants independently made their own business cards and souvenirs.

In the final of the second day of the training course, the children were again divided into two parts, giving the second subgroup an opportunity to take part in a quiz and take part in an excursion around the Technopark, and the first to get acquainted with the VR and AR features on the Unity game engine and Vuforia website.

As part of the program, another educational intensive will be carried out, providing for the described program. The course will take place on December 12-13 at the Skolkovo Technopark. Recruitment is still ongoing, hurry to register.

The event is supported by the Committee for Public Relations and Youth Policy of the city of Moscow, and the national association of assistive technology market participants “AURA-Tech” is the operator of the educational intensity.

Participation in the event is free!

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