Shine – neobank for freelancers and individual entrepreneurs as part of Societe Generale

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We continue to introduce you to the world of French fintech. Today we will tell you about Shine nebank, which is part of the Société Générale group.


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Neobank Shine is a specialized bank for freelancers and individual entrepreneurs. The concept of a startup is built around the needs of the self-employed, so Shine clients, in addition to the traditional set of financial services (opening a business account and issuing a card), receive assistance with administrative and accounting tasks.

The main features of Shine that distinguish it from other banks:

  • the ability to register your individual entrepreneur or get the status of “self-employed” in the banking application;
  • tax accounting: the application automatically calculates taxes based on the user’s income;
  • invoicing. The user can add a customer in the mobile application and generate an invoice and send it as a link to the customer. When the link is opened, the user receives a notification. The client can download a PDF file with all bank details for paying the bill and make the payment;
  • insurance of unpaid invoices. Shine users will be able to create an invoice and insure it before sending it to the customer. If the client does not pay within the specified time limit, then Shine itself contacts the client to try to get paid. If the client continues not to pay, then the appeal is sent to the insurance company;
  • the application stores all accounting information, so users have the opportunity to see the complete picture of all their expenses and income.

Now 70,000 people are clients. The startup continues to actively develop, introducing new services. The global goal of neobank is to create a platform in which freelancers can solve all issues related to back-office business processes in one window.

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